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Thread: Why I am emotionally "unavailable" and why you should be too

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    Default Why I am emotionally "unavailable" and why you should be too

    So I train guys on here to not be too much of Mr. Nice Guy. Going through my numbers from last night and just texted the first one (my favorite) and just having fun. I have a woman right now but no oneitis. Meeting all these women and getting shut down enough has made me numb, yeah! No longer need to go AFC anymore on these broads and get oneitis, it rocks! So anyway I am just curious about the world in which I live and trying to learn from past mistakes. So I met a HB10 on POF a while back. Met her in March and contacted her till May and she NEVER responded. I got extremely bad oneitis. Everytime I sent her a message she would sign in just to read it. Found her on FB and contacted her there too, nothing. She was a hardcore player who dates a bunch of guys and had new photos with new guys like every week. In the end I got her number left her a VM and the BF started stalking me (which she never told me about, just kept acting single), so I gave up. Hardcore player right? Well she has been with her current BF for only two months and they are already talking about having babies, living happily ever after, love, etc. I am just like *facepalm* that this guy is like posting his texts online revealing that he is already ready to settle down (he's 26 and she's 24) and they are both young and beautiful (might I add reckless). Peeps just don't realize MARRIAGE is NEVER a good idea under 30. Trust me 2 of my Aunts have had 4-5 husbands, my sister got married and regrets it saying wished she stayed single longer, hooked up with more hot guys, etc.

    My sister almost had an affair and she got married too young. She got married in her 20's. Let me tell you in your 20's is the time to go out and live life, gain life experience, live it up, etc. Not SETTLE DOWN. I mean then you can't get it all out of your system. I think people should wait till in their 30's to get married. But 40 is my new 30 so probably going to live it up till then. I mean the idea is to live it up, hookup, have a couple of flings, then there is a point to settling down. But man these guys talking about love in their 20's don't they realize love has an expiration date? 50% divorce rate, all those financial responsibilities of children being expensive and stuff, there should be more people willing to wait. But I tell yeah a cool guy meets a hot girl AND that's IT he's done ready to give in. But not me I got a woman and I am just leading her on. I am going to remain emotionally unavailable till I am done accomplishing everything I want in life like buy my dream car, buy a house, get a better job, get all the stuff I want, get the body I want, etc. NOW ONCE I LIVE MY DREAMS then maybe bring a woman into that but not being all whipped just because some broad is hot. Man guys are like so ready to settle just because the broad is hot. Well if there is a 50% divorce rate it's because people are doing it way too soon and way too unplanned and then they get into like "whoa this is way different" and because they are marrying immature in their 20's they are realizing in their 30's they want other stuff and not even Celebrity Marriages work out with all the dreams and looks so really Marriage is not all it's cracked up to be it's a lot of work and peeps need to stop thinking of it as a way out.

    Another guy who is a BF of the Bartender of a Club I go to is saying HE CAN'T WAIT to spend the rest of his life with her and another 50 years after just 1 year, man and he was a total d!ck to me wow dude you're a champ. This is what PU taught me is that too many AFC dudes are ready to settle for the hot ones and not let any one else have them and then talk about love and stuff in their 20's. Yeah your love has a 50% chance of failing you go dudes. Such a reliable thing. People put too much stock into this. I think that is a high risk investment and people are way too blinded by the so called love they stop being themselves and living their lives and just give up, like this is the way out. Well not for me, marriage would be great but not now. These guys will keep getting miserably ever after and I will keep getting to have all the fun till I am like 40. I am not going to be detured by the hotness but most guys are and they don't think about their future just think about not being able to live without her. Well dude 50% says she is going to leave so stop acting like this. Guys that do this act like little boys. Come on Marriage is for Men and not some AFC Oneitis jokesters. Most men never get the experience or their lives together to sufficiently know what they want and just start having babies to get tied down with a broad and then wake up like oh shoot "I married a NAG". Haha it's cuz you settled and she's going to possibly love you for it or possibly resent you being a wimp who gives into her so easily. These guys don't get they don't get to keep the women chasing them, keep playing hard to get, and that keeps the interest so they settle and wonder why they married a NAG. It's because you're whipped dude!

    This is why you should stay "emotionally unavailable" to most women not to avoid marriage but to be wise about it and accomplish your goals and dreams first. Just saying there is better ways to communicate I am Alpha to the woman you are with which don't include these things mentioned. This is why I am going to keep playing the game and keep playing hard to get and if the woman tries to tie me down I will just be more and more aloof. Ha ha! It would be a shocker if a woman could tame me and get me to settle down at the very latest 35 but their chances are unlikely! Why is this frame so awesome? Cuz dudes think about it? The Hot Chick? The challenge for most guys and they try to marry her to keep her because of scarcity Mindset and afraid of losing a good thing to keep their ego intact like a trophy wife. When you treat women like your trophy wife then SHE IS THE CHALLENGE TO YOU. And she will be a NAG. Have fun with that. Hear it all the time. But if you want to actually watch football and play video games without your wife nagging you then you gotta BE THE CHALLENGE and stop getting married like boys in their 20's. You are not a man till you are 30 that's Bible. So you gotta be the challenge and when you are the challenge you will be the prize to her and be her Prince Charming/Trophy Husband instead of her being your Trophy Wife/Cinderalla. She's your Cinderalla? Why because there is an abundance of women to talk to and you can just keep on gaming them trying to hookup dude. Chicks need the commitment not guys we just need the validation. So think about it all those women and we like most all of them so we ain't getting lucky getting a trophy wife come on dudes they are the lucky ones and never let them forget it, if they ever NAG you remember other broads. Just remind them of that and that will make them realize where they farked up. You can't cheat on your wife but you could tell her there is plenty of women out there and you don't need her (not threatening Divorce just giving a wake up call). But most guys suck up to hot women so much they don't know what it's like to stand up to THE BOSS. Oh and don't forget Divorce is a raw deal for men. Women keep the house, usually the kids, ailmony payments, child support, half of his estate sometimes, etc. So stop being so whipped guys she will suck you dry in the Divorce Court so stop thinking Marriage is the way out. Clearly Divorce is the way out so you should have all your stuff together, be of age, pray about it, think about it, then maybe decide if that's what God wants not just what you selfishly want. Even Christian marriages have the same rate of failure due to the factors mentioned.

    1. Not Seeking God (Christians get wrapped up too much in the emotion too)
    2. Her being the Challenge/Trophy Wife and not you being the Challenge/Prize
    3. Her being a NAG because you never learned to NEG and remind her you will never suck up to her or take her beef.
    4. Her being THE BOSS because you are whipped. (This is the Man's role)
    5. Her regreting marriage and kids, missing the single life and hooking up with hot guys. (Again guys don't get married so dang early these women will resent you for it. My sister resents her husband for it and their marriage is screwed up because of it. Thankfully they are working it out)
    6. Kids having kids. (Again fools rush into seemingly a "good thing") How can you raise a family in your 20's dude? What will happen to your video game time?

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    Default Re: Why I am emotionally "unavailable" and why you should be too

    Also about dating/marrying the HB. You have to constantly be able to please them. Be spontaneous, and please her sexual and emotionally or they will cheat on you. Because we all know hb wants alpha male and if their bf or pauses can give them the thrill they want they will go looking for it somewhere else. ( my aunt the HB and my uncle and alpha at first then slowly started to fall off)
    You lose some you win some, learn from your mistakes and get better!

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