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    Default Puzzled after f-close

    I f-closed girl last week. We both were drunk and she left without my number (i know her friends well though). Day later i asked her trough fb if she would like to see again. She replied "sure ' and i planned to meet at mall. I would like to move this towards LTR and i have set of questions for you cause i knoew there are some skilled daters in this forum.
    1) should i take her to my apartment and fark her again
    2)will she have LMR since i f-closed her already
    3)should i carry this mall thing like normal date or more casual since we f-closed already (not that my dates arent casual usually, about 5 of them behind with other girls)
    4)what do people do after f-close, is it ok to call her to come to my apartment to hang out or do i carrymaking spectacles like minigolf,coffee,beac h,bowling,bool,walki ng in the parks

    I would truly appreciate if there would be some pro to answer these :3
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    Default Re: Puzzled after f-close

    If you are interested in an LTR then it is safe to take her out on those kinds of things like minigolf or whatever. It'll show you do like spending time with her without having to try and f-close. I would wait until next time to f-close again just to show her that she doesn't have to always assume that when you hang out that that's bound to happen every time.
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