I f-closed this HB8 blonde and we had really fun. She was also really talkative then. Four days after that we met at mall. I had horrible day at work and i was really down then. Also i had second thoughts of meeting her since her brother use to be my classmate. Well i met her anyways. She was smiling and really open when i first saw her. I was stiff and really tired. We went to pick up some clothes for me which i bought. We talked for little pretty casual stuff and she had to leave. I picked up her number and when she was leaving just went for kiss which was awesome.

(Her ground shooked when he kissed but otherwise he was being pretty weird. She was really confused, tuesday she was at coffee with some dude and now she was at mall with me. <-this is what her friend said when she was drunk.)

At weekend i met up with friend of mine and two lady friends of mine. I was pretty drunk and ended up taking HB6 to my apartment. I couldnt pass LMR "was this all you wanted" even though she had her bra unhooked for two times and i sucked her tits. Since this day she has send me 200 messages rouhhly mostly about how good of person i am and how she likes to know if i have thing with hb8.

So i contacted hb8 and she was ice cold with responses. She accepted to go to this chinese place. Now today we should have gone but she had to help her brother. I said that i hate flakes, you can tell me if you dont want to see me. I do want was response. So we are going tomorrow.

Lame day2 and thing with hb6 hurt our relationship. Do you think i should have conversation about these, would it be weird if i would say to her that i would like to see where this would go and that i consider her more than one night stand thing.