Nothing like a good story to get a girl attracted, receptive and can even built rapport.
The below is one of my best, which I will bestow upon you bros.
It goes as so..

Have you ever heard of psychic plants?
Well, plants like humans give off certain signals. A group of scientists in the UK wanted to test this, so what they did was they had a man take care of a flower, waiting on it hand and foot. The plant clearly enjoyed the nurturing, and gave off signals of joy. What they also found was the plant was receptive to the man even when he wasn't in the room. To test this theory further, the man traveled 500 miles across the country and burnt a picture of himself with the plant. Sure enough, the flower went berserk and began to wilt. Just as the plant was about to wither and die, the man returned and something astonishing happened... The plant gave off the same signals as we, humans do when we fall in love. And the plant was saved by love.

Use it as you please, if you do it right this one will fit in as an opener, or a closer.