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    Default High School Crush

    Hi guys.

    More problems of a similar kind this time.

    Situation as it stands - I went out Monday on a spontaneous night out with a couple of friends. Randomly bumped into my high school crush and got chatting, everything was going really well, push and pull method was working fine so when I left the bar to go sit down she followed without me saying. We kissed for a while before joining up with the rest of her friends and later when the club closed we went back to mine f closed then she spent the night.
    She slept till about 3 then we stayed in bed talking till about 6 when I got up and got ready to meet some friends and we left my place together. Text her the next day (Wednesday) asking how she was... Hours later no reply, I stupidly let my friend convince me into messaging again (she was a girl and I trusted her judgement) so I messaged simply saying "so not talking?" Couple hours later I got a reply saying "sorry you know how bad I am at texting "

    Now my thought is to actually leave this till Friday, and call her rather than texting telling her I'm going out Saturday for my friends birthday and she should come. I have a date Thursday so that would command my attention on the Thursday and possibly let her think she's blown it with me by taking so long to reply, potentially gaining back some much needed needed distance.
    Any thoughts on the matter?

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    Default Re: High School Crush

    its best not to reply to that text she may be sh1t testing you cause as long as the opener was clear why not respond.
    the birthday party on a Saturday is a bit pressure to me.don't try to get back at her.(revenge).you could also imply you know she was fibbing sort of but be playful whilst communicating the knowiness.

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