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    Default Why she gets jealous? (confused)

    i dont know if i am posting in right section but here i go...

    i know this girl from last 3 yrs she was a good friend to me always supporting, caring and did all the stuff my girlfriends did to me except sex i was never into her as such.

    It always happen whenever i talk to some girls in front of her or even on texting she gets jealous... always, she sometimes stalk my phone and go through all the messages there. sometimes she hinted at sex but i refused coz i was just not ready, Looks like she is into me?

    here is the twist....

    I asked her if she wants to be my girlfriend? and she refused and than started hugging me and touching me sexually well that's not it, she actually refuse to be jealous when i talk to other girls but her actions tell she is jealous. when i tried to have sex she rejected me and we end up with just a few kisses. a few months ago she confessed she have sexual feelings for me and fantasize about me but said "forget what i said" Looks like she enjoys my attention?

    another twist

    she have a lot of boys around who want her to be their girlfriend or fuk buddy, she refuses them all and dont chase them as much she chases me. she never refused a single date i asked her and never flaked. But why she refused my proposal? and is she refused

    why she gets jealous when she dont want to be my girlfriend?


    1) she is into me but refuses her feelings coz even though she gets jealous she keep on refusing it?

    2) she enjoys my attention but dont want to let me go until she finds someone else but than she have a lot of guys around even those hip and cool guys and can sleep with anyone if she wants?

    place your opinion guys what you think and how should i proceed.

    and i want her.

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    Default Re: Why she gets jealous? (confused)

    Don't ask her to be your gf, that's lame. Take her to your place, start kissing, and then escalate. Of course, if she stops you hard, then stops, but basically she has sexual thoughts about you, so go for it

    And if really she keeps being a cocktease like it, well tell it directly to her. "Listen, you're my gf or you're not. If you are, great, we're going to have a great time. If you're not, well we'll still be friends, but I will go out there and meet girls and you will have no rights to complain about it". You need to go straight to the point sometimes.
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