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    Default Help with HB 9 that ask me out ( Long story)

    Hello PUA community,

    I need some help and advice on what I should do for this situation with this HB 9. So I will begin by saying that I met her through an online chatting app and from there I built enough comfort for her to give me her number. That was about 6-7 months ago. She is 27. So last week Friday I texted her to ask her out for some dinner but she refuse because she said she had a bad stomach and that she having a girl thing ( I assume itís her period) So I built some comfort through my text and then she said ďSo what are you going to treat me tomorrow?Ē . From there I can tell she was attracted to me and wanted to invest so I said food and set up the location last Saturday at a restaurant. So on Saturday I was making sure she was comfortable with me in person and used dhv to my advantage. The thing I felt I lacked was Kino Escalation. When the bill came I said I was going to take care of it but she insisted to split it in half. I walk her to her car and we called it a night. I felt the dinner went well and she had fun because we talked for over 2 and a half hour and during that time she never looked at her phone so I feel that I did something right. Later that night I sent her a teasing text since she was going to her friend house.

    Me: I hope you didnít get lost getting to your friends house
    Her : At her door now
    Me: (I sent a cookie emoji)
    Me: Here a cookie for not getting lost
    Her: Thx lol
    Me: Whatís in the hot pot

    She went cold after that text so I went to sleep. The next day I woke up and she texted me at 11 am with a text saying this
    Her: My phone died last night
    Me: Haha Iphone battery ftw
    Me: (I sent a youtube video of this girl pranking her bf playing GTA 5 since she said her ex was always playing videogames and cheated on her with his ex.)
    Me: I bet you did some of those things 

    So she went cold after that last text and I felt I should not have sent that youtube video because it was reminding her of her ex. I tried to use it as a tease but it backfire on me. So then I decide to go cold on her till Wednesday which I reopen with this text

    Me: Hey little Munchkin, youíll never guess what I just found outÖ.
    Her: ?
    Me: Our Christmas party is going to be the great Gatsby theme. 
    Her: wow. Cool. I havnt watched that movie yet.
    Me: It was a real good movie.
    Me: I have it on my computer
    Me: It was a tragedy
    Me: Have you heard the main theme song to the movie?
    Her: Yup
    Her I read the book before
    Me: Me too 
    Me: the story was good
    Me: so you like reading books?
    Her: yes
    Me: you ever heard of the iliad
    Her: No
    Me: itís a real good read
    Me: There was a movie based of that book

    Well my last text was
    Me: so what day in October is your birthday?
    Her: 18

    So my dilemma now is that she thinks I am a real outgoing guy that has a lot of girls and she thinks I am a player. She asked me that question at dinner which I try to blush it off. I also asked her out again next Saturday which is coming up in 2 days to a club where my friends are having a vip party. She said she would go at dinner and when I walked her to her car I reminded her about the club event . The text I sent her Wednesday I was off in my text game which I think it destroyed the comfort I built with her last Saturday.Ok Fellas what should I do now. I am lost for ideas and there is no one I can really talk to about my dilemma. Thank you guys for reading this long post .

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    Default Re: Help with HB 9 that ask me out ( Long story)

    A good amount of mistakes there champ.

    First of all, you should avoid taking a HB on the first date to sit in a restaurant and watch each other chew while you make some conversation that can be fun, but rarely sexual (which should be your aim).
    Also, how did you expect to Kino escalate in a restaurant? Make it more private next time or at least in a place where touching would be less awkward.

    Now for your texting, you're putting a lot of energy into it which can (and probably did) come off as needy or as if you're trying hard.
    I don't see why you would resort to youtube videos to make conversation, don't be this guy early on in the encounter. Work more on your flow, and when you want her to laugh make it about something you say.

    From the last set of texts, you should've gotten the message. I mean how many more one word texts were you aiming for? Directly freeze off when a girl starts answering with one word and strike back in a couple of days (if you ran good game earlier she would talk back first).

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