Hey guys,

I need your help concerning a situation that has been repeating itself. I have this opportunity of meeting plenty of HBs recently but I always screw things up in the end. I really need a different approach but I am really clueless about how I should proceed.

Long story short, I work for a really big organisation and I have recently been approached by friends of my parents who want to introduce me to their daughters/nieces/whatever who are of the same age and are desperately looking for a job. Since I know my way around job hunting and making job applications, they come to me for advice and help.

I met 2 girls previously and both were hot and single. At first, I was more focused on providing them with all sorts of advice but started to like them as time passed. As you can imagine, my feelings were not reciprocal and I was never seen as a potential boyfriend. I do remember this one time when I threw up a party at my place and one of the girls came earlier to help me organise everything. She was very nice and sweet during the whole event. She then asked me if she could come to my place the day after and that's when I thought that it was my chance to be alone with her. Of course, things didn't go as planned. Turns out she had only come to borrow some books... I had plenty of food left from the day before and I suggested that she stayed, but no, she was supposedly in a rush. I tried to come up with various topics of conversation, but the discussion always came back to her job hunting (I was quite sick of it in the end even though I could understand her anxiety).

Now don't get me wrong. I don't help these gals because I expect they will like me in return. I am very keen to help my peers when they are unemployed and desperately look for a job. I was not particularly thinking of flirting with them in the first place, but since they were pretty and single, I asked myself "why not?".

Anyway, I met yesterday another one of these girls and she is actually even hotter than the 2 previous ones and she is single as well I don't want to repeat the same mistakes, so how should I proceed? My only problem is that I am afraid it will seem suspicious if I act flirty all of a sudden. It could be seen as I am taking advantage of the situation or something.

I wonder if this situation cannot be helped, as the context in which we meet is very neutral (no party, no night club) and concerns work. How am I even supposed to build attraction? Another problem is probably that I make myself too available and help them a bit too much (correct their cvs and motivation letters, look for vacancies within my organisation, asking around on their behalf, etc.). In the end, I just appear as some nice guy who is very helpful, but that's it. I end up in the friendzone...

Do you guys have any advice or should I start looking elsewhere? Man, I swear this last one was a keeper. I just need to avoid srewing up like I did with the 2 previous ones.

Thanks, bros!