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    Default Seeding over te telephone so when we meet she wants me sexually

    How do I seed a girl over the telephone so when we meet she wants to be with me in a physical way as I have been talking to this woman for a while now and don't want it to seem creepy .

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    Default Re: Seeding over te telephone so when we meet she wants me sexually

    Believe me, it IS possible.

    I don't meet up with girls at all anymore, until the interaction has gotten ramped up & we've discussed sexual topics, involving the two of us being together.... and that usually happens within a week.

    Honestly, the key is to give off a FUN vibe right from the beginning.

    My personality is the "Fun, playful, flirty, bad-boy... who also expresses his soft/sweet/romantic/chivalrous side."

    So when I start making sexually loaded comments, the girl doesn't get freaked out. I ease into it... (but usually by day 3)
    That gives PLENTY of time to build attraction & enough comfort to make her receptive to sexual dialogue.

    Here's my secret...
    I talk about how I'm "touchy-feely" with people. That's just who I am. I touch. So I mention things like touching hands, arms, legs, hair, & I'm a hugger... so I'm always hugging people..

    This opens the door for her to accept & confirm that it's OK when I touch her. Plus, most of the time, the girl, will say SHE is the same way... as if to be qualifying herself.

    And once you get the "touching" approved, you can talk about kissing & more....

    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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