Hey guys,

So long story short, my roommates Girlfriend always kinda lives with us, *shes down so often, and her roomate lets name her stacy is the one I'm into. now my roommates gf (maria-just for the sake of the story) is hooking me up with her. anyways, i hook up with her, to like second or third base, basically everything but sex. and shes into me she texts first and what not, and I'm way into her.

So i tell her to drive down, because Maria is at her Bfs place, also my place. she agrees to meet me and she drives down. but shes really shy in public and hates PDA, so i play along and she gives out NO signs in person. When they're going out for dinner i still get no signs, and they both talk (the girls). Maria then jokingly says you can't come. I then decided i didn't want to go. then maria really asked me to go. but i insisted on saying no (dumb move maybe). they were like oh he's mad leave him. they leave i feel like absolute Sh1t. she then fb messages me from the restaurant being like wtf. i was like well you were like giving out no signs that you wanted me to come i just assumed you wanted to spend time with your friends.

She was like i drive up all the way and you just hide in your room, at which point i was like sorry, it was a bad move. like obviously i want to see you its just hard to pull you away from everyone. she was like yeah whatever. kinda pissed off.

anyways they came back and then Maria pulls her into my roommates room and they proceed to chill there for a while, which I'm like wtf. i can't even talk to her. then i message her on fb being like if you want to hang out / talk ill be in my room. she was like come out here. i come out we play some gamecube. then everyone kinda goes to sleep, and I'm like you want to smoke? Something she agreed to earlier on fb

She was like no I'm going to bed. then she knocks, and asks for her pipe because shes leaving tomorrow, and I'm like you want to hang out? or no? she was like well I'm gonna be with everyone else outside but if they start gaming ill come. Everyone went to sleep, and i fb message her being like you asleep? no response. then I'm kinda salty and I'm like well goodnight then. shes on my couch as i type this

I farked this up big time, and i don't even know what to do.