So I did it, I got myself a GF "unofficial" but as of today we are seeing each other. I got into the Game for this reason to get a GF. But I will keep approaching in case this falls through. Just have to keep it a secret on my FB (by not posting incriminating photos in case she is FB stalking me) that I meet lots of chicks.

It started in 2013 and on my 110th approach I got a GF. Meaning girl/friend not a serious GF. On my 98th approach I was dating a cougar. So I have been choosing quality over quantity and you can see my results have gotten me stuck in a relationship. It is heavy, I am afraid of getting her pregnant cuz I seen her staring at my jock and asked if she wanted to get "drunk" and she said yes. We are taking it slow though since I had to cancel our date last weekend. But today when I saw her at work it proceeded as normal and she reassured me it was still on. We actually have 2 dates set up. Granted we are waiting for nice weather but she remembers everything I say and pays so much attention to me now.

When I first talked to her she looked at me once in 30 minutes sensing her nervousness. Now today I saw her look at me 3 times. She asks me to save her and says it "would be an awesome day" when we get to hang out. But I am taking it slow and pretty much hang with her when I get breaks or whatever. So to me this is getting heavy since she is showing signs of interest and I am just going with the flow. I usually on average only last 3-4 days when meeting a new woman. I have made it nearly a week. Playing hard to get by dating other girls but not telling her about it since that will piss her off. She waits for me now and we both have strong attraction for each other. This girl is not my Oneitis but she is nice so I will keep her around but bang other chicks if I can. Going to a concert this week to practice some Pick Up and of course that Beer Festival I am going to rock it out with my new tatt.

Many guys make the mistake of playing the end game of saying to the target "I like you and I want to be with you" and blowing up their phones with needy stuff. But I read recently when you put her on the spot she has to spring into action and the answer is usually always no since the girl NEVER the guy needs to ask for exclusivity. I see why guys are framed as Nice Guys since they gush to them, then put them on the spot to have a "label" so it scares the hell out of the women since it shows insecurities. So I make it my choice not to talk about my feelings for now and just have fun. It seems like things are finally clicking. We'll see when I try SNL game and Hookup game on for size for the first time this Summer. It's about time but I think I am finally ready for it.