I'm 23 she's 21. Met her about a year ago at a party then moved back home for summer. She was practically stalking me on Facebook liking every status I had and every picture I posted. Then she dated someone the school year after that summer and now she is single again. Yet, the original escalation has faded. We have gone to lunch/dinner twice since her boyfriend and had a great time (both times > 1 hour). She answers all my calls and responds to about 90% of my text messages so she is still interested a little possibly or she could just be being nice.

I will be moving back to school in August and for the first time will have a house with 3 other guys with many parties and opportunities. The only thing is, I don't know how. I know I have to push/pull and not be the nice guy. Leave some mystery and all that but I kind of want some tips from you guys. She has her own group of friends so sometimes it is hard to get her to come out since she is so comfortable around them already. I will be busy with hockey a lot and plan on treating her as 2nd or 3rd priority. I graduate in December and would like to be dating her by then if possible. Thanks in advance!