Long story short. I have been going on dates with this chick for a little over a month. 1st date I tried to kiss, no go. Ran routines on her. She was intrigued blah blah blah. This went on for weeks. No kiss, but as she warmed up to me we had more and more Kino and kisses on the cheek. So, within the last two weeks. She met another guy and I can tell she likes him. He's more of her pattern type of guy (Urban). I am very clean cut. Anyway, she has been slowing up a bit with me and chasing him hard. I am falling into the friend zone. I believe it's because I had been too passive in our dates. I let her pick 90% of our dates. Huge mistake. Anyway, past is past. Hanged out with her Friday and we were talking about relationships and she was like "I'm not dating or talking to anyone right now." To me as I have experienced comes off as a shit test to see how I would react and if I would submit to the friend zone or ignore the shit test and go forward with more aggressive energy. So, after this night I have avoided texting her first and seeing where her mind is. She text me today (3 days later) thanking me for a gift I got for her daughter "She loved it! Lol thanks again". I waited 2 or so hours before I responded and when I did I said "You're welcome. I'm happy chubby liked it" (she likes that I gave her the nickname chubby so I thought it would be a pleasing undertone without showing too much excitement). I purposely didn't add anything else to keep the convo going because I want to appear busy with other things. I will die if I end up in the friend zone with this chick. I really like her. So, where do I go from here???

PS: One up I have on this guy is that she has introduced me to her daughter, brother, best friend and other friends.