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    Default 6 months in, very unique situation


    6 months ago i met this girl and we have been dating and hanging out ever since. The connection is awesome, we talk everyday, laugh, have fun, and really enjoy each others company. But there is a problem..

    Her previous relationship was 7 years in length and her ex boy friend (who she dumped because she felt he was getting weird and changed) is currently suffering from a brain tumor and is undergoing radiation therapy. For the record i have asked her if she still has feelings for her ex and she gave me a very decisive no, definitely not. The problem is she feels guilty for dumping him. In fact, it has made her afraid of future relationships, which now poses a problem for me. We have done everything except have sex as she is traditional and is afraid because of the above scenario. We have had a chat about it and she told me she would work on her inner problems, however nothing has progressed.

    We both like each other. We both aren't seeing anyone else. I really have no idea what to do, i want her to be my girlfriend and as everyone knows, an important part of any strong relationship is Sex. Sex is important in growth, and i do want this relationship to grow.

    Should i talk to her? Tell her exactly how i feel? Does anyone out there have advise/tricks for me to implement?

    Like i said, i have no idea what to do next and would really appreciate some advise.


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    Default Re: 6 months in, very unique situation

    Oral sex is a no go too?

    I think you're in a weird situation because if it isnt going to happen anytime soon being friend zoned will likely happen i believe. I dont believe you should pressure her into sex but get her worked up. Play the idea of push and pull so she's the one ripping off your clothes. Mixed messages and no means yes is a great way to look at how to get her beyond this LMR you got going here.
    Every moment counts, get out of your head and enjoy it.

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