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Who knows but my goal is not a GF but bagging 9's and 10's.
Hey JackSarge,

I had that goal too few months or even few weeks ago, but you know what, achieving that didn't make me feel fulfilled.. Sure, I had plenty of Sex with surely 9s and 10s (especially that one international model you might already have seen on TV at Deal or No Deal), but in the end, there was something missing.

You can't just have sex to have sex.. You have to pursue a goal, a big fricken dream that scares you off, and that will make you vibrate and this is how you will attract that one girl, that one special woman you are meant to be with.

I went through this phase man, and once I started to want something more, I got way more than I expected... I found that one girl which beats all those 9s and 10s I've ever banged. She was on my road to my dreams, not on the road of my distractions, which can be lots of sex with different women...

What do you think about that?