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    Default Me and my one-itis

    We are on the same college, we are sharing the same class room. She's been my one-itis over 2 years by now. It is about something that happened today.
    I was walking outside, while I saw a "friend", well not really a friend, of mine telling my one-itis: Let me whisper something in your ear. He then started kissing her cheek and she didn't even resist. It lasted like 20 seconds, but I didn't like it, although it was not (I am almost sure, but what do you know? Maybe I am wrong as an AFC I am) erotical.They aren't even together. That guy even used to have his own GF, though I wouldn't really call him an obstacle or a threat.
    He then turned to me, while she was going to get her bike, and told me: See, bro? You don't need any damn magic tricks! I was stunned and looked up to him in a what-the-****-was-that-dude-way, to be honest. The AMOG then walked away. I then tried to not look like a complete creep and walked up to the girl. On her bike, she was going to leave, but suddenly, she turned around and asked me: May I tell you something?
    I replied by moving my head downwards, as no words would come out of my mouth. She said: You know what? I prefer you to not be that nice to me. I hate it when people are nice to me. I liked it as we were arguing (Not really, but she's a bit of rude and has always been rude to me). So please try to act like that. And me like: Yeah, of course, I'll try my best. That was one of the most awkward moments of my life. After she left, I thought about that being as an IOI, and was suddenly happy. But then I thought of it and realised it could be an IOD too. What I find very odd though, is that that girl used to ask me why I am eating that sweet if I really want to lose some weight, whenever I was eating some junk food shit, or even commented on my look, especially my pimples. She always came up to me and asked me: Why don't you just push them out?
    Now that I am even thinking of it, I would take that as an IOI too. Though, what do you think guys? What 'd you say? IOI or IOD and why?

    Thank you, brothers

    -Average Frustrated Chump trying to learn the art of picking up women

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    Default Re: Me and my one-itis

    Hey man,

    I would say that based on the connotations of her "exchanges" with you that they are IODs. Although the fact of her initiating the convos with you and tailoring them towards your appearance, the content of those convos appear to be negative. Her telling you to basically be more alpha and Push/Pull her mixed with her insulting your eating habits and complexion seem kind of awful from her. I could be wrong but I thought I would give you my opinion brother.

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