Daam I'm really blind, ok I have massive sh1t tests now, ugh fark me. Basically we were supposed to be dating and I never texted her and talked much to her and its been 2 weeks, we only see eachother at work and make out but I havent been able to get her out( I failed to build an emotional connection with her,ugh), and now I'm really F@RKED because she told me some other guy at work asked her out for Saturday and she doesn't want to cancel and said I could take her out on Sunday instead. WTF? So my game is weak here, what did I do wrong there is massive problems and I'm drowning in them, no clue what to do...
guess what, sometimes women "upgrade" there's nothing you can do about it. if a man like George Cluny walked into her life, do you think she would stick with you? probably not unless she had years of emotions invested in you.

my guess is that the other guy just presented more value and she chose him. it happens.

She didn't reply to my texts or phone call this morning, I guess its over then...?

However even if it is or not, how should I act when I see her at work?
first of all, don't panic. have some patience and let things play out.

just be cool and act normal when you see her. she'll let you know what's up.