I just cannot stop. So that's like my 8 for 9 n-close this year. I just try and try and cannot stop? Sux when feelings get in the way. So I met this chick at a Club and her friend was saying I had to be boyfriend material. My target must not get like that very often she looked so happy. My guess is her best friend could tell and wanted me to be the "it" guy. Like what the hell. Her friend was sitting there you better be a good guy, you better be a good guy. I was like I'll be a good guy if she is a good girl. I posted all this on FB cuz I am trying to get rid of this other girl. So when I posted about it she just invited me over? Like ditched her and went out anyway. Now she is posting about some other guy which is why I am mad at her to begin with.

Either way it sux when feelings get in the way so I told her look I don't know if I am boyfriend material cuz I don't know how I feel but I do know I wanna hookup with you. I mean I just dated someone for 3 months and never got any action so I am over it. She makes me sick to my stomach. But this new chick is not much better I mean just wanna bang her if that but I don't have any feelings for her. I do have feelings for the Cocktail Waitress and she let me kiss on her neck last night. I was hugging on her a lot. Then when I left I told her I am gonna work hard on her she told me "I believe you my love". Chicks say stuff like that makes me feel so confident and free. But when I get drilled to "be good" I feel confined. So I am the most attracted when I am given the choice but when strong words are used. I guess I am a sucker for romance.

I don't think the thing with the new chick is gonna last I just want to go on a waterslide but she has feelings prolly locked away inside. Who cares I am getting awesome with chicks. Sux when feelings get in the way. I am just giving up on the other chick I have been dating for 3 months and no sex. What a dang nun.