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    Default Your mother will be a great mother-in-law. That one got me thinking...

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    The girl in question is a very close friend of mine. We met in college little more than a year ago. I was still very inexperienced at the time. There may have been some initial attraction but I failed to escalate properly due to insecurity and fell in the friendzone.

    She got together with some other dude but since we have a lot in common we still remained good friends. In the meantime I started working out, lost weight, improved my wardrobe, worked on my game and became a lot more confident. Everyone who knows me noticed the difference.

    Some two months ago they broke up. I figured I'd give it another go but as I said we are very good friends. More than gaming I was aming for an LTR and that was not even my primary concern, more than anything I just wanted to help her through it. So we hang out frequently, I've tried some light Kino which she was cool with, we have lots of confort and chemistry and she calls me sweet and thoughtful.

    Now, to the point, today she came over to my house to study. My mother invited her to stay for dinner in a quite insistent manner. She said she'd like but she already had plans with her parents. Later over text I said something like "I'm sorry my mother was so insistent, she loves to have people over". She answered something like "I would stay if I could but I have to dine with my parents. Your mother is very nice and will be a great mother-in-law when you get a girl". That one really got me thinking. Did she mean anything by it? I mean, why would she bring up mothers-in-law? What do you think of it and how should I proceed?

    BTW, if I do manage to get with this girl I'm staking a claim to the first pick-up in recorded history using mom as a wingman.

    Thank you for reading.

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    Default Re: Your mother will be a great mother-in-law. That one got me thinking...

    She's not into you in that way.
    She said "...when you get a girl".

    You're still anchored in the friend zone.

    Your mom isn't helping things here. This girl thinks you're sweet, but she's looking elsewhere.

    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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