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    Default A women's issue getting in the way of developing relationship

    Here is my story:

    So I have started investing myself with a girl that Iíve known for like 6-7 years. She has always been very complimentary towards me and I always knew we were attracted to each other even though she had a boyfriend during all that time. On Halloween 2014, we kissed in a party for the first time and it started for me a process of seduction in which I have encountered an issue.

    All through November and December we stayed in touch texting each other building further rapport flirting and teasing each other. During that time I asked her out 3-4 times and she always accepted. However, she cancelled on me every time because she was either tired or she forgot she had done promises to other people. At that point I thought she was playing me, but I checked discretely with our mutual friends (all girls) and they also encountered the same issues with her. Hence, I knew I was not getting played. I persevered and since then we have been on 3-4 dates, in which we had make out sessions and sexual foreplay. However I had to reschedule these dates a couple of times because of the same issue... Now we are 3 months in and this issue has slowed down the process a lot. It pisses me off because every time we see each other I make a lot of progress towards making her my girlfriend. So do you guys have advice on how to deal with women who are distracted and have time management issues?



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    Default Re: A women's issue getting in the way of developing relationship

    Some girls will just have really busy schedules and you have to work around that. If you're game is tight enough, you can have her cancel her plans and hang out with you. Alternatively, if she has plans at some social gathering at a party or public bar, you could play it off that you were in the area with your friends and you can see her. The fastest and easiest way to make her your girlfriend is close her ASAP and continue to close her every time you see to develop a sexual relationship.
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