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    Default Transforming a casual relationship into official relationship

    Here is my story, it is bit long but please, bare with me!

    So I have started investing myself with a girl that I’ve known for like 6-7 years. She has always been very complimenting towards me and I always knew we were attracted to each other even though she had a boyfriend during all that time. On Halloween 2014, we kissed in a party for the first time and it started for me a process of seduction that has been driving me wild.

    All through November and December we started talking more than ever texting each other every day developing further rapport but could not go on dates because of time issues. I finally got her to attend my graduation party before Christmas. We ended up having a very hot makeout session at the end of the night, which did not turn into f-close because she was in her special week…

    After that I had to leave away for a 3 week holiday with my family. When I informed her about that she was sad and told me she was going to miss me. We stayed in touch while I was away, texting almost every day and we had some of our best exchanges yet! One day she even told me that she appreciated me as a person and that I was important for her.

    When I came back from my trip we had a date and it was so great! We connected and since then I started to see her as a potential GF. That night we ended up making out and having sexual foreplay yet again but no f-close because she was in that special week again… That night she told me that I turned her on and that it was unfortunate that we could not do the act.

    The next week she dropped a bomb on me: she came forward and told she was seeing someone else at the same time as I did. I bluffed and told I her I was seeing somebody else as well.

    The following week I invited her to dinner at my place and she was reluctant at first because she thought that I only did that to have sex with her. I replied that I really wanted to have sex with her but that what I was really after was having fun and developing our relationship. That convinced her and she came to my place that night anyways. It was our most romantic date yet, she told me she hesitated about our relationship because she was scared of loosing me if our relationship ever ended. We ended up making out that night, with some more sexual foreplay (it was our hottest night yet) but no f-close because I wanted to show her I respected her and wanted more than just sex.

    On Valentines Day she saw the other guy. I did not see her since then and our exchanges via text have slowed down, she’s not receptive as much as she used to be. I want this girl in my life and I want a relationship with her.

    According to the info above, where do you guys think I stand? What should I do with the sex? What should I do with the other guy?



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    Default Re: Transforming a casual relationship into official relationship

    Don't listen to her words. Listen to her body and her behaviors. The sooner you f-close the girl, managing the relationship the way you want to go is much easier. You had a good chance of closing her when she came over for dinner. Ignore the other guy. She likes you enough, you just need to pull her again and seal the deal.
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