I don't know if NEG Switching is a term in Pick Up but if not it is something I am going to extrapolate. First the basics.

Basic Flow
I am a phone agent in my professional career and have been for well over a decade. In this time slot I have taken the observations for differences of playing phone tag between real life and work life. Or the differences between the two.

For instance today I spoke to a female. Everything flowed smoothly in the working world. Calling your phone to test it please answer. She answers and we talk about how it works. I say let's go back to your other line. We go to her other line and keep talking about her issue. This is the difference woman of the opposite sex will always talk to me on the other end because they are expecting a service there is no correlation to real world scenarios.

When you look at it and you really examine it I mean just think all these women in the world call me nonstop for a service and always follow my instructions when calling in for business purposes. But when it comes to meeting, attracting, and dating women this is a completely different story. I would say 90% of the time women do what I say in the working world without any shyness, hesitation, or difficulty.

But in the real world or even dating realm this is entirely different. Call them and get no answers, flakes, cold fishes, lukewarm, hot & cold, high interest then dropping off, etc. Call them there is tension, awkwardness, shyness, hesitation, expectations, limitations, etc.

In the dating realm different rules apply for communication. In the working world there is no communication barrier other than language, understanding, perception, opinion, or knowledge.

Dating Realm
But in the dating realm life takes a different toll and a different role. There is chemistry, there is blatant rejection, flaming, ignoring, testing, wonder, awe, excitement, comfort, hunger, and thirst.

There is no in-between.

There is black, white, and grey. It is all about reading between the lines, reading people, understanding sub-communication. Walking the line and talking up a storm. For all intensive purposes I don't think, feel, or believe this is an accident. Woman act a certain way towards potential suitors, mates, and new men.

They treat me on the phone like a normal human being while I am working but when I am in the dating realm they treat me like a toy, like a project, like a curious thing, like a man with an agenda. That one's important...agenda.

My agenda is dog crap now. I only say this because I am at an emotional all time low. I plowed through all my online dating projects, IG projects, FB projects, even lost all connections and value to my Hired Guns who I established social proof with and have known for years. So I guess you could say the sky came falling down literally right on top.

Valentine's Day
Went on POF and scored big time. I mean F'in. I am off there again now but it is kinda of a Winter thing I do every year. For instance last year I pursued a chick for 5 months on POF and never got a response. This aggravated me because she would sign on within 5 minutes to check every message making me think she liked me.

But I found her number online and she surprisingly did not sound surprised for me to be calling but she was livid because she posted within a few days back of the phone call that she had a boyfriend but I felt I got there first and she blew me out hard. Her boyfriend threatened me twice to leave her alone years later so finally I have given up. She was a 9.5 and literally almost everything I wanted.

Fast forward to this prior Valentine's Day. As I stated I had a killer Summer last Summer and I plan to repeat it again this year but with bigger flare (I am getting better at this). Anyway I got one Dental Assistant HB10 to show interest and even invest but it blew up in my face when she asked about my d!ck since I lost frame control..on POF! Then an HB9 Business Owner Cougar Sugar Momma her words "I think I sh!tballs when you messaged me. You are the most amazing guy. Go find yourself a pretty little thing." Translation? I am not good enough for you.

The HB9 Cougar stopped talking to me because I had to decide between her and an IG HB10 who was also showing interest. This success was all happening so rapidly now I know what abundance feels like. I was rotating 3 chicks online 2 HB10's and an HB9 I was on fire! But as with most things it blew up in my face when I got Oneitis. I know I know I am not supposed to get Oneitis but this Chick was different..the HB10 IG chick. Lived in a 2M Mansion, Made bank job, brand new car, hot as hell, 5.000 followers on IG, perfect rack and face. This girl even had faith. She had to be my soulmate!

At first I was rotating the HB9 and this HB10 IG chick but I had to focus on the IG chick because I felt like I was losing her. My strategy worked beautifully. DM on IG with a shirt off of my tattoos and new tattoo plan. She responded! "Awesome" WTF I thought I was mistaken. Then I sent her a Valentine Ecard and she replied with smiley faces. Man I was on a roll! Then I really broke out the cards..qualification . I qualified her! Her response? "I was your Valentine????? And I am your Bae???!???" Game winning shot PING right there. It was playoff time and she was demanding I step up and this proved true for my intentions since I had been ignoring the cougar on POF for 2 days so I could focus on her and it paid off. However I guessed wrong and big time.

Got blocked by the HB10 IG Mansion chick. She didn't like something I said after the PING I imagine cuz it went nowhere. I know what happened inside me though. I hate having to always make this confession.

I fear success. I do not know what to do with myself when it happens. I am out all having fun with a chick and when I qualify her and she shows interest or investment I crack and get Oneitis or lose frame control (specifically HB10's) As I said the 9 Cougar was eating out of my hand but the 10 was giving me a run for my money and she got 50 dudes blowing up her wall everyday trying to get at her and I got at her with a few simple tactics! Baffles my mind which I realize now I stopped having fun with her and got serious that was my mistake. Same with the dental assistant, too much hesitation when she threw out the d!ck comment obviously she was going for the lay but I was still trying to build comfort! So there you have I am not good at going to S1 but great at A1-3 and C1-C3.

To make matters worse I got told by the Bouncer at my spot that I am "being a creeper on social media" (yet I was rocking it with the HB10 IG chick so I was laughing to myself) to one of the cocktail waitresses and some of the bartenders. WTH I contact them to get in or to try and flirt.

He said to me to cool it for a while or I will get banned from the Club for a while. So I was just like well I won't talk to them anymore man. He said he liked that idea. So I have 2 bartenders and 1 cocktail waitress I have things with as in free entry, free drinks, but now that is all a wash. I think it best to ignore them completely.

The Master Plan
This sounds like a lot of crap but there is some good things there in hindsight most of these chicks wanted to hookup with me at one point but again because of my sticking point of not switching to S1 these chicks do resent me quite a bit for not pulling the trigger when the opportunity was there and it was! With so many 10's and Hired Guns but now it is time to move on.

I have burned through all these chicks here is what is on the drawing board.

HB9 Hairstylist
HB10 Bartender (New Bar)
HB10 Bartender (New Bar)
HB9 Server (local)

Now these are options I had but have been so honed in on these recent chicks where all the drama came from that it is time to switch out my rotation and start over.

Now that we are caught up the Game Plan this Year.

New Spots
New Hired Guns
New Bars
New Clubs
Daygame (Amusement Park Season Passes, Holiday Events, Social Events, Concerts)

So granted yes a soap opera blew up in my face time heals old wounds. And this year I will be focusing solely on gaming HB10's and of course having my way with 9's and lastly practicing S1 with HB9's to get over that sticking point hurtle.

With that NEG Switching
My new technique I will be trying out this St. Paddy's

Ever notice the soapy love story some PUA in-field videos show you? The girl shows interest to the PUA and he is putty in her arms. I even do this most frequently. In fact I am always trying to get validation and aside from a NEG opener I really don't NEG. However my focus this year beside getting out of S1 issues is is NEG switching

NEG Switching Definition
Do regular game with opener, mid-game, qualifier, dhv, etc.
When girl shows high level of interest or high compliance NEG her. I have never done this I am usually so sedated with validation however I think I will start trying to play hard to get by NEG switching since I notice girls PING well with a well calibrated hopeless romantic opener still I think they stop PING after that so I think a flirty NEG after that with sexual intent will be the right recipe. I don't know let's try it out and find out! To the yard and beyond.