Ever since that 10 with a Mansion hmu like Don Jon and that Icey Blonde HB10 like James Bond I been thinking maybe it's NOT about money. I mean yeah now I know it is not.

Granted HB's are going to be hailing the parade flag like a bunch of frolicking princesses...online exception online. Online they have time to haggle with their emotions, thoughts, words, and actions. How does it come out?


Someone healthy and wealthy. Someone who takes care of himself. Someone who can provide for his family. I am looking for Prince Charming and my Soulmate. Not looking for a hookup or a booty call. I am classy not trashy.


Fortunately I have met Mr. Dependable and frankly I think he is a fraud and here is why. HE never developed his character and developed his life as a "taker" and not an "explorer".

Due to this Mr. Dependable's heart is in his wallet and he fears the aisle and dating because he knows it will cost him half of his net worth in a divorce. This scares my brother so bad he hasn't dated since High School. Granted yes I can get a fine ass chick he can't. And he has a house and I don't. He has a great career and good bank account and I don't. But he fears women so badly finding out what he has he thinks he won't ever get married or if he does he thinks he will always be looking over his shoulder in case she takes what he has in the end.

This is pretty sad considering my brother sacrificed the fun to get success and now he has all the success in the world but his dating life is a ghost town.

Enter the Alpha Male....


I can get fine ass chicks. I date fine ass women. I get dimepieces, gamewinners, stunners, VIP chicks, Hired Guns, you name there is no challenge too thick or thin. Granted I need to perfect my game but after Valentine's Day man I feel I bowled all 9's. I had an HB10 with a Mansion tell me the wildest thing. The wildest thing! She said literally "Am I your Bae?????? Was I really your Valentine????"" My interpretation "Ahh ughh, you tell me Jack how I feel cuz I need to know if you are being serious or if you actually meant it." Yes an HB10 with a Mansion asking me to tell her how she felt about me. So that interaction topped my best target. I cannot top a HB10 with a Mansion asking me "Tell me how I feel!!! TELL ME!!" It was a eye shocker so I was like damn and lost frame control so she X'd me but only regret is I stopped being myself.

So my new goal I know I can't top a high quality target like that but my new goal is never to lose frame control.


They will tote online till they are blue in the face how they want Prince Charming and blah blah blah but in the heat of the moment? They want the rush, they want the thrill, they want to be taken to the mountain not down the aisle.

That's why I value my character more than my money. Because a divorce will cost me nothing but getting the next girl and more available to more girls whereas Mr. Dependable will lose, lose, lose.

I was conflicted for a while and unsure but I found some clarity thinking about these mind games. I found A LOT of clarity. Then it hit me like a satellite and there it was "They say they want Prince Charming but secretly they crave a bad boy." "They marry Mr. Dependable divorce him then go Cougar hunting for Mr. Incredible" "They stout and strut they want stability but then they are like damn this guy is Mr. Amazing let me go on a journey and forget the world who cares about his money." "But a guy that pampers her she will dive into his wallet."

And it hit me like a ton of bricks "I can't offer these chicks my money or stability." But I can offer something more valuable than my money I can offer my time which is the source of all my resources.

In fact know that I have that knowledge I can walk down memory lane and forget the rat race. After all I know how the story ends. She is looking for Mr. Incredible not Mr. Dependable. Her Mr. Right Now is Mr. Dependable but her heart is always saying let's go to Mr. Incredible.

So I figured the process was simple and the finding sure so I decided to delve into the mind and uncover these things. This is where I discovered I am an explorer and not a taker. Now that I know this, now that I know myself I no longer have to feel inadequate like I have nothing to offer these women. I know they are looking for me in the end. Me the thrill ride. Me the journey. Me the mountain. Not Mr. Money, not Mr. Dependable. That's a fast track to Boringville.

But I got diamonds in my eyes and she has got pearls in her lips and it is like magic when we kissed that night like a fabric of time of what was to come. The Now.

So I have decided to unleash the skills, after all I have what it takes to be Mr. Incredible and here I was burning myself out trying to be Mr. Dependable. No this is the path I have chosen.

No wonder women are so taken with me and be like "take me to the land of serendipity". Armed to the teeth I am going out this year no longer worried about my checkbook but only worried about my next great adventure.

Prosperity? I don't know anything such as Prosperity all I know is Serendipity. After all if every man stands to lose in Divorce best to be on the side of the gates having all the fun and not getting played. Or my all time favorite using her as lollypop. She can be my Sugar Momma any day. Better to flip the script than be destroyed by it. Now time to really rock it.