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    Default Have I ruined this (Update)

    Ok this is an update
    I sent the girl (as described below a message + dropped a voice mail).She replied at long last and she claimed trust and honesty as reasons she does not want a relationship and sadly said I call too much (which I know am stupidly guilty of).She also claims she has to study hard (LAST TIME SHE SAID SHE NEEDED 2 WEEKS) .Apart from moving on ,Are there any other suggestions?

    For this who didnt read my last message .

    I met this girl at my school .I seized the opportunity and approached her when she was alone (she was actually reading with a friend,who left briefly) .

    I got her number same day ,we chatted for a while .I asked if I could see her anytime that week ,but she was travelling on vacation .Same day we kissed twice .

    Because she wanted to go home I saw her off to her car ,I asked if she could be my girlfriend (my first mistake?) .She said "Most guys dont usually say that thing" but she said "we would get through this together" .

    She left and we kissed again in her car .We did a couple of back and forth texting next day .She traveled but we had limited texting because of expensive roaming charges .She promised we would talk more when she arrives .

    She arrived , but did not contact me and didnt reply to my text .I sent her another couple of texts and she said matter of factly "she is busy with school for A LITTLE WHILE "

    I somehow felt that being busy doesnt mean she cant text me ..

    Anyway we stopped communicating .

    ...................I bumped into her recently.She looked disoriented(kind of),she said she was going to write an exam in one of the classrooms.

    I wished her luck and asked whether we could see .I suggested the weekend and she said NO.She said something like being busy for two weeks

    Have I texted her so much?

    Sorry for the long write.I need help

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    Default Re: Have I ruined this (Update)

    Since she kissed you I think she liked you but you made some mistakes which are the causes of her not wanting to see you:

    1) you asked her if you could be her bf (proving you were needy and you needed her "approval" to stay with her, letting her think she had more social value than you)
    2) you put too much pressure on your relationship...she probably just wanted a boy she could hang out with and have fun with but you proved her you wanted more, making her nervous
    3) you kept contacting her even after she treated you in a bad way, showing her you would have chased her no matter what (beta behavior)
    4) you texted her too much

    My advice for you is...let her go for a while! This does not mean you need to forget her...but have fun with friends, hang out with other girls, play some sports....SHOW HER YOUR LIFE IS AWESOME EVEN WITHOUT HER...and trust me, she will lose this "He-is-needy-and-addicted-to-me" mentality and she will return...

    If she doesn't (give her like a month or so) try to contact her for the last time...if she does not show appreciation forget her

    Good luck
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