Really quick not going to make this long. This is like part one anyway. Will save the best for last. Got 9's figured all out we can always come back to that. This year is the 10 so I could have the 9's but I am focusing on the 10's cuz they are digging me hard lately so here goes nothing.

Get a GF HB9 or HB10 Specifically

A1-3 (The Easy Part)
Game them
Close them (N-close, K-close, F-Close)

C1-3 (The Hard Part)
Text them
Call them
Date them

S1-3 (The extremely hard part)
Bang them
Get them to ask for exclusive relationship

Now My A1-3 is top notch. I no longer struggle with the "Attraction Phase" or even the "Comfort Phase" my sticking point is the Seduction phase which is why I approached a 10 from the Bar last weekend and already asked her on a date. She said she will text me aka I am still in there.

Anyway be yourself is true. Never trust a woman. I have heard it all. We are soul mates and we just met at a Club and you gave me a fake DSL number Fvcking A that hurt. She is a hot cocktail waitress and wants to know what I am doing I say going to the Bar. Wrong should have said hookup so she asked for it next weekend. So a drunk FB message ended that relationship mighty quick with a vacation! I have been told to call her and she gave me a fake number. I have been told we are going out tomorrow and she fvcking blocked me. I have been flamed as a freak, a weirdo, a retard, a unfit man, etc.

So I hit the Gym, Got Tatted, and upped my Outer Game so now I am always looking like the Alpha Male Badass with the Guns and Tatts just boom explode. But anyways A1 is easy because it is easy to be attracted to that stuff. So you focus on the dating and relationship aspect in the comfort phase. How can you have seduction without comfort anyway? So I focus on comfort first.

You cannot trust a woman because of all these lies and deceit. I have pulled a number from a HB8 Bartender (extremely hard to do) on Night 2. Honestly the next day to have the BF steal the phone and say he is gonna come kick my ass. Like NEVER trust a woman. Never. She didn't tell me that stuff. Even if she has a BF granted she may be looking for a replacement so cannot trust that either friendship works too. "I have a BF" "Yeah I am just trying to be friends".

Anyway all the B.S. aside you cannot game 10's normally. Bring your A game, all cards on the table PLAY the SNOT out of them. They have the most fun when you are being like this.

Do not get Oneitis
***Don't talk about your feelings talk sex, relationships, and dating. No Oneitis allowed on HB9's or 10's!!
***Game other chicks No Oneitis on HB9's or 10's!!
***Hookup with her friends because she is playing you to but only when she is being difficult. Encourage the friends and entertain them since you can hookup with them when she is not looking to further increase intrigue and Jealousy Plotline but still having the thing going with the Target

Do not stop gaming
***Chodes focus on GF and get blown out. I focus on the goal not the girl!!
***Chodes try to steal GF so game her friends or other chicks around haha! Really powerful!!
***Guys hit on GF so hit on other chicks haha!
***Girl sleeps around so you sleep around and get other chicks at Bars and Clubs!!
***A GF isn't the end it is the open your options to more women not just her.
Exclusivity changes these rules!!