Hey all,

First time poster, but been reading up and studying + practicing PUA since about 2006. I would love + appreciate your honest input here, as I'm super focused on building up my skills exponentially while in Thailand.

2 weeks ago on a Tuesday, I picked up a stunning girl at the mall here in Thailand. We were standing next to each other at the food court, I look over at her and think in my head ("holy sh*t she's hot, she's a f*cking 9... then told myself, na... she's cute"). I said, "hey, were you at the pool party yesterday?" And that was my opening line. I genuinely thought I may have seen her at a pool party I went to.

Turns out she used to be a TV host for several years!

Long story short, we chit-chat a bit, then I ask for her phone (I didn't have mine on me), she gives it to me, I dial myself, wink at her, tell her to enjoy her meal, and walk off.

We texted back and forth for about an hour that night. Didn't text her until Sunday of that week, at which point, she accidentally called me, and I just called her back and we ended up chatting for an hour.

I asked her out for Wednesday, she said she would let me know. She works as a booking agent for models at a gentlemen's club, it turns out, so her night schedule varies.

On Tuesday, I ask her about Wednesday and she says it's on for our first date.

Wednesday, I text her nothing and she texts me "are we still on for tonight?"
I reply, "Yes, 8:30pm at [venue]"

She shows up at the venue, things are going great, we're sitting down having some drinks, chatting, I'm already lightly touching her at this point. About an hour or so later, I suggest a venue change and we go to the next place and have a few more cocktails. She says she doesn't want to drink too much.

Just then, her friends text her and say they're at a local club. She asks if I want to go. I say, "f*ck yes. Let's do it."

SIDE NOTE: She was constantly on her phone because of "her job" ... it was getting really annoying. But I let it slide. Not sure if it was my place to address this yet, I normally won't take second-class behavior and would have said something had she not said it was "her job."

We get to the club, I buy a drink or two, then her friends shower us with drinks, we get a little drunk even though she didn't want to, she remembers she has to be up in the morning, and wants to leave. We sit in the cab and head back to her place, I put my arm around her in the cab, and I'm stroking her lower back, looking deeply into her eyes. The chemistry was great. She looks at me, acknowledges that I'm getting really physically playful with her, and jokingly says, "Are you horny or what?"

To which, I reply... "Ha! Maybe." And I continue playing with her.

We arrive at her place, and honestly, I didn't think I'd be having sex with her on the first night. She gets out of the taxi, and I start trying to communicate my address to the cab driver, thinking the date is over.

At that point, she says, "he won't go there, just get out and take the next cab". I get out, and one look into her eyes and we make out. She says, "wait in the lobby, I'll be right back."

I wait in the lobby, and after 15 minutes of not hearing from her, I'm thinking this chick is making me wait too long or just passed out, so I called a cab so I could head back home. I request a cab from the concierge and wait. 5 minutes later, she shows up and says, "Sorry!" So I cancel the cab, we go upstairs to her place, and have drunken sex. During our adventure, let's just say in my drunken stupor, I push my limits a bit in bed, and she stops me for a second before we resume to what we were doing before. For round 2, I accidentally pushed my limits again and she said she didn't want to have anymore sex. So we stopped, and called it a night. No worries, all good. Still had fun, but found her limit.

I text her the next day around 1:30pm, telling her I had fun and asked how she's doing.

We chatted a bit over the next few days via text. On the Friday after our first date (on a Wed.), I text her at like midnight (after not texting her myself or hearing from her all day), that I've had a long work day and that I'm at a swanky spot for some drinks. I invite her down texting something like "I just got out of work hibernation, going to go to [venue] for some drinks for a little bit to unwind. Swing by if you're free!"

She said she was already home and tired from work.

The next day, I text her that I want to see her that night. She says "ok" and I ask her to text me when she's off work. Around midnight or so, I get a text saying that she's still at work. I'm at a club. She made it clear that she didn't want to drink this time (maybe she had regrets about sleeping with me on the first date after those drinks). I said "no problem". But I had drinks myself. She was really hesitant to meet with me that night since she worked long and had just gotten home, but I was playfully persistent and offered her the best massage of her life and promised that we'd "be quiet" so as not to wake up her roommates. She ended up texting me her address.

This time, I slept over. The next day (Sunday), we also had morning sex. With each stroke, I'm looking this girl in the eyes and decided there and then that I'm never lowering my standards to 6/7's or girl's I'm just "kinda into" again. Later that night, I sent her a text at night to see if she was feeling better (she was feeling sick and coughing, one of the reasons I felt like she was hesitating. But eff it. I was horny.) She replied that she was feeling better and asked how my packing was coming along (I'm moving to a different place in the same neighborhood soon).

Today, I didn't text her at all to see if she'd initiate a text without me sending a text first. Seems like I've been doing all the initiating until this point. In bed, she asked me when the last time was that I slept with someone, and I told her "March, you?" She said "April." I asked if she still keeps in touch with the guy, and she said it was someone she met while out on holiday with her friends. She said, "sometimes he texts to say hi, but that's about it. I don't chase any guy... ever." We were really physically affectionate in bed, too. Though she did seem to withdraw quicker than I did.

She also did try to find more info about my job and all. I assume she things I'm a bag of cash, being from a big city in the US. She's definitely high-maintenance, by the looks of the condo she lives in and how done up she is. Not a simple girl by any means. And I don't mind that. GORGEOUS *and* WELL-EDUCATED, which is something I value highly.

Anyhow, I haven't heard from her all day. Debating if I need let things cool off a bit more and have her come after me, despite her "I don't chase guys rule." Or not sure if this is a cultural thing, waiting for the male to constantly initiate... She is always concerned about revealing her true intentions so as not to seem too "forward." Women are much more forward in Western culture, from what I understand, and here, that probably isn't the case. But how far is too far? Women are women after all, regardless of culture.

I did give her compliments in my drunken state, telling her while we were having sex that I'm incredibly attracted to her. I also did tell her that she smells really good, because I couldn't get enough of smelling her hair throughout the night (I love a good perfume on a woman). Her response was, "I'm not a teenager anymore, you need to say things like that." Like... really?! I've stopped the compliments as a result... maybe it's a "humility" thing about culture, who knows, but she hasn't really complimented me at all, which is something I'm used to from Western girls.

Or hell, I could be overanalyzing. Maybe I could just joke and say, "you know, I wouldn't mind hearing from you more every once in a while."

I just feel like she's not as engaging as she was.

Thanks for your input!