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    Default Getting past numbers

    Hey, Guys ive been reading seduction for years now, and my progress is I can get numbers; real numbers comfortably.

    But I can't get a girl to pick up the phone for any reason, they respond to my texts , but after that they flake.

    My strategy is direct openers with teasing and sexual flirting.

    Whats the problem? Is it attraction? Is it comfort?

    Please help, thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Getting past numbers

    This is the year 2015 and girls under the age of 30 don't pick up the phone. This is hard for me aswell because I'm 29 and I miss the days when I could just call a girl on the phone and get an answer. Learn to text.

    It could be a number of reasons. Let's assume attraction and comfort. You asked her about her life and told her about yours I assume.

    So here are some things to think about.

    1. Did you qualify the girl. Think of 5 traits you want in a woman besides her looks and ask her if she has these traits. My questions are "Are you close with your family? Do you play any sports? Have you ever kissed a girl before? Are you outdoorsy? Do you smoke? Are you a drug addict? ect.

    2. Did you set up a date/meetup before getting the number? The number should be an after thought.
    You: I have to go, but Let's grab a drink later this evening.(or some other activity to your liking, game of pool, go bowling, mini put, play uno, ect.)
    Her: Sure.
    You: Great. Let's exchange numbers.

    3. Did you use an anti flaking line. Here's a video on flaking and anti flaking lines.

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