I am a little doubtful because some little cutie pie at work rounded me up and is trying to tame my wild side. I couldn't even get this off without her texting me on why I didn't Snap her back. I put her on hold hoping to gain leverage but she really likes flirting with me.

I am an attention whore so I love to flirt. Just the other did Kino on some 10 in a store and not weird just so natural for me. No attraction so didn't do the close.


My Summer is being thwarted.

My EX is an HB9 and I broke up with her.
My current GF is a HB7 and she is already acting like she is falling in love.

Of all the guys at work. She just had to track me down.
FB me, IG me, won't stop Snapping me all these pretty pictures. I just want the fvcking 10's man.

She got my number by tricking me!

Thought she was an online scammer or some online hookup so I sent her a text not thinking into it. Turns out she is really obsessed! I never talked to her wth.

WTH. Never even said hello.

Just BAM. This dude is looking good gotta have him. I dedicated more to Pick Up by hitting the Gym, getting tatted, and keeping my wardrobe & swagger up to date. She must have noticed and got all fired up about it. Took it upon herself to find out who I was.

So then I am testing this "online hookup" from IG "my turf" and out of the blue she hits me.

Know who I am she says a snickering in her voice. A hooker I want to jest but say hahaha what are you going on about no idea who you are.

I work with you!! She says.

Stunned nearly killed over in my chair. Then a lightbulb went off. I stopped dating chicks at work and she tricked me?

So I was just trying to appease her and be nice to her cuz she works with me and when I am horny or a jerk I end up getting drama or pulled into the office.

So I played her little game but in the break room she was talking about how we need to take videos of her ferret together. Says to think of her ANYTIME I am doing something. I was like sure cuz I am validation hungry and hate scarcity mindset.

Not only did my EX agree to Summer, the 10's are thinking about Summer. But this chick is stark raving mad. Why does she like me so dang much? I am not trying to be her BF but she is being needy every time I flirt with her BOOM she wants to text and snap like crazy. She tracked me down so no she likes no other guy she likes me and telling EVERYONE after day 1 what we were texting about Thank God I kept it simple.

So there you have it. My Dilema.

I just want to bang hot sluts. I can bang the sh!t eating grin of this chick she is eating out of my palm. Would take some time to break her down but after a while a BF and GF will do the honors.

This is always where I am at. Once I got them I lost interest. Save for 10's. But still even the tens lately have been acting all girly like we are so hot for each other like too hot. WTH.

Just rename me the heartbreaker cuz to get laid I am gonna have to lock away my feelings and break up with chicks after they fall in love with me.

I am in love with the Game. Dunno what to do. If I break up with her another is just gonna come along and want me to. Wish I could really just be FWB but girls have a LTR agenda.