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    Default Is she playing the jealousy game

    Frequent reader, rare poster, thanks to all you guys for the valuable stuff here.

    Apologies in advance but this is another 'does she like me'/'do I have a shot' thread.

    I have been doing stuff with this girl since she got out of a LTR several months ago but I didn't want to just be the rebound guy. I had fun with and flirted with her but haven't pushed things up to the next level yet, I wanted her to get her head straightened out after the breakup. Recently though I am feeling like its is time.

    Last time I saw her we hung out all day and did couple stuff, though neither of us acknowledged it until someone we were talking to mentioned us being a couple. At this we both kind of just smiled at each other and went with it. Later she mentioned it to a mutual friend of ours.

    That was 2 weeks ago and since then we have both been out of town for different reasons but we have texted almost daily.

    A couple times when we were hanging out she would mention random tinder matches (I don't think any of them went beyond matching and texting) and today she texted me about someone I know who she matched with. I'm not super experienced but I think she might be trying to make me jealous and push me forward.

    To summarize: we have hung out a bunch, doing date like activities, a fair amount of flirting (teasing, hugging, touching (including hair and face), she did the hair thing almost constantly, etc) but she's bringing this stuff about tinder matches up.

    Do I ask her out on a real date now? Was already planning on doing this. And how do I respond to the tinder stuff?

    Thank you guys a lot, I'm a still a novice and need all the help I can get.

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    Default Re: Is she playing the jealousy game

    OH my god dood you are doing going on the game thing and it would have been AWESOME if you could kiss her while you are having fun and if you have intense rapport with each other why not try FOR SEX!

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