I was raging pissed and severly in heat so I plowed through my numbers, contacts, interests tonight. And guess what I was not pleased with what I found. In fact I think I was done a disservice!!

I have gotten so fvcking good at having no feelings, no investment, no interest but it caused all my women to drift. No rejection just fvcking drifting. Then when I am ready? Poof they were gone.

So I was fvcking pissed with what I found. I found that being an A-hole helps from being afraid. These girls are so fvcking afraid that's why they won't talk to me.

So I decided it is okay to start getting rejected again. Posted a relationship status of me and a Stripper on FB and she is pissed!! But it is funny lol. Everybody is commenting and this whole thing is a fvcking hoax. I am playing it off to her like yeah yeah Cupid struck me in the heart with an arrow.

It was classic. Finally fvcking movement! I feel alive again.

She messaged me for the first time, the stripper!

Why did you post that???

Me: I can't hide my feelings anymore Cupid struck me with his arrow and I am on fire for you.

Man what a big fat charade! And while rejection looms I feel a million times better than trying to "play it cool"

I was such an ass lol cuz I knew this was all a big scam so I played it all big and fancy like on my FB Page that we are star crossed lovers, fvcking A I crack myself up.