I wanted to make this one special...
And I'm not sure what direction this is gonna go, but we're about to find out.

Q: Wanna know the biggest thing that's holding you back in your progress & success?
A: Expectation / Outcome!

If you're focused on a specific goal, you're gonna miss out. (Like a phone number, or "date scheduled" or "going home with her & "sealing the deal", etc...)

Stop worrying about what determines the difference between "Success & Failure"... and instead, just learn how to enjoy the process & the fun of the interaction itself!

Honestly, the less focus you put on "having sex", the MORE likely you are to have it!
And on the same token, the less focus you put on "getting a particular girl"... the more likely you'll get her.

Seriously, all it takes is projecting a fun, confident vibe & giving clues that you're interested in her (as more than just friends) without being blatantly obvious & easy.

Soooooo... how do you do that?

(To be continued....)