I believe the real problem was either a judgement problem
that is exactly the case. as I said before:

women judge each other to the extreme. she simply didn't want to be judged by her girlfriends or by any other women for that matter. you tripped her anti-slut defense, and then made it worse by pushing farther.
what I meant by this:

"you set an ultimatum that the two of you should act like a couple in public, but then, when you were in public you ignored her and acted like you were single. she was testing to see if you would claim her in public the same way you had demanded of her."
is that any time you set an ultimatum, that same ultimatum is expected of you.

if you demand that she acts like your girlfriend in public, you too have to act like her boyfriend in public. otherwise you're being hypocritical. hypocrits are contradicting and therefor judged to be weak people who want to empose their will on others, without even living by the standards they set.


I should have had an open relationship with her so she could tell everybody that we are in a relationship not spesifying it and it would make it easier for her.
why does it matter soo much that you two are in an official "relationship" ? why not just enjoy what the two of you have in the moment and keep in mind that it won't last forever.

you're like the prince who's trying to force his bride into marrying him. if she wants things to be "official" she'll make an effort to have that. until then, just enjoy what the two of you share.