I went to Sturgis and while I was there started talking with one of the bartenders. I can't remember exactly how it started but it went well. I'm not really looking for anything so it was just a small exchange if anything until she did something probably like, look down at the bar, groom the area with pouty lips, speak softly and look up to me. At this point I thought, hmm.

So the next night I ran into her again, talked here and there, (she has work to do so I'm not going to hover) and towards the end asked her if we could hangout tomorrow and I buy drinks. She agreed, and I responded by asking for her number. She hesitated, gave it to me, told me to text her and made some stalker comment (i.e. You're not going to be a stalker are you?) which made me laugh, and I said goodnight.

So the next day texted a little. She was getting ready for a bikini competition so she was always a bit before she could reply. I was telling her about some of the events cause this year I stuck around the campground to experience something other than riding the Black Hills. I asked her some question... if she made it to the next round.

Some how I swear she didn't respond. I texted good luck. And that was it. Now I really like her which was a problem so I get all meh, down-and-out. 8pm, 10pm, 12am I check my phone.... well whenever I woke up her responses were there but in the night previous I swear nothing was, so I never asked to get together for the drink.

Buddy and I crossed by one of the many bars to hangout after riding. I noticed she was there. Didn't want an awkward moment so we kept going. But it was kinda eating at me so when he was going to retire early for the night I asked for a favor. He accompany to that bar for one drink. We returned to that bar where I was greeted by a loud, "Hey mother [think you know what goes here]!" Eye contact, smile and walk away with my drinks.

We finish, he goes to bed, I go to the bar and ask why I should deserve such an illustrious greeting... to which she was really dumbfounded and didn't know what to say. Sheepishly she responded that she liked me. Then I said something I forgot and followed with I liked her. We laughed a little, talked a little, kinda rehashed the missed texts, realized it was a goof. Ha ha he he.

Being a bartender she always is getting the question if she has a boyfriend, to which she responds yes... and then turns to me (I know she's saying that to get people out of her hair.) and very convincingly says she doesn't.... multiple times.

Basically for the next few days chatted with her. We were going to hang out one night but even though she got off slightly early by the time she was done walking up to count her money and get everything settled the club was closed which didn't surprise me one bit because it was only an hour early.

So the last day comes around, eventually I meet up with her at her bar. Luckily it's one that is not very busy, more chatting. I hesitated to ask which caused me to be stuck there another 90 minutes before there was some privacy again. But once that second opportunity arose, I asked, "I'd like to get to know you better without all the distractions. [That being everyone coming to the bar.] On my next set of days off can I see you in *her city*?" To which she was dumbfounded, and kinda kept doing some movements of her job behind the bar. I really have no idea what was going through her head. I'm thinking she wasn't completely honest about the boyfriend maybe? She asked when they were.... at the time I didn't know "Two weeks... Four weeks... I really don't know because of Canada." Hesitation. I'm like okay gotta get out of this.

Me: "I'll talk to you."
Her: "You have my number?"
Me: "Yeah. I'm going to leave."
Her: (soflty/playfully) "I hate you." .... "When will you be back?"
Me: "I'm leaving leaving."
Her: (softly) "I double hate you."
Me: "Bye." (smiles)

A few days after the rally ended I text her. Nothing big, kinda fun back and forth but it was taking a long time. We say our goodnights. BTW this is not something I practice, at all. Definitely need to work on attraction building because that probably would've changed things a great deal while we were there. I'm like the nice guy friend... that flirts a little. Of course she doesn't know that but that's usually where I end up. She's a 10. Like a legitimate 10. Like almost every guy would agree.

So now I'm at work in Wyoming (drove from ND the previous day) we have a spare moment. Things haven't really picked up yet and I'm watching everyone text their wives at the lunch table. My job in the oilfield pays well but the schedule sucks when trying to create a relationship. I text her then need to conserve battery after waiting til the end of lunch. Just asked about her week and sent her a pic I took that liked of my work. (One of the last conversation we had before I left was about pictures. I take a lot.) Caption was "Something about this picture I like. Special job in Texas a few weeks ago. Part of what I do."

So WY has abysmal cell service so my battery drains quick. This is where things start to fall apart. I don't get her response til the evening. She asked if I sent a pic. "I tried. You didn't get it? Just got off work. They sent us to Wyoming."

I get a little cocky... in person it would be okay because of my mannerisms and demeanor, over text, IDK. Just before I hit the hay I send "I guess no pre-release previews for you. *my FB link* Join the fan club." The only reason, of course this is unknown but, I say that is because although I don't get a lot of comments on my feed, whenever I see people back home it's what happened here? I like this pic? What was happening there?

Anywho, 2 days later I send a "just saying hi," mention a thing or two about WY, that my schedule only allows a 2hr window to communicate and I'll text tomorrow.

So I do: "Is the *name* in *state* the same *name* in Sturgis?"
Her: "Haha yes I'm working!!!"

Now I had a moment of weakness here... because for whatever reason I had my phone on complete silence. So because of my high level of interest get down-n-out again not knowing that she already responded while I was fiddling with my tablet. Then I google her and all sorts of stuff pops up. 3 FB accounts, Instagram, webpage for work, couple vids on Youtube.... the first thing I notice is two last names. I'm not sure if she is branding herself / has a stage name for her fitness competitions. Then there's the Instagram account... pics here and there with one guy for two years. After the rally too. Of course she's a 10 so I was taken aback at first but maybe she's looking for something better. IDK. Hashtag freak, despite all the pics only four had any info #boothang #bae and #bf. Every other one is something like "my greatest fan."

So I get all meh again and just before I go to sleep discover her text. So I was like good to know (your the same), my phone is weird, so quiet. You have any nights free or you a workaholic like me?

Her response is she does but she has to make up the time she was in Sturgis. This is why I hate texts I somehow injected meaning and connotations in there that wasn't there. I'm all flustered in general because of my interest level, what I just discovered, etc. My response, "Just seeing if the stars and planets aligned and there was some time where we were both free to chat before my days off. I'll share a pic or two when I get a chance to upload them. Talk to you in a week. 'nite."

Kinda beat myself up over that but since I said it so sent two bit.ly links to pics 5 days later. I never uploaded any of my Sturgis pics so I sent some of when I fished commercially in Alaska, mentioned that quickly.

Three days later, "Hey stranger! Tell me about the most exciting part of the last week." No response.

Two days later, "Saw the news. Didn't realize how many fires were going on. Are you in the clear in your area?" (2hrs) Her: "We're all good here so far. It's pretty scary huh? How are you?" (30 min) "I think I'd be running around my property cutting a fire break along the property line like my life depended on it.

I'm good. Focusing my time off into my app idea. How are things with you?"

One week... brings us to today. Today at work people were curious about her so I showed some pictures. They said they'd keep trying if it were them. That's the only reason I'm writing this post. I don't see many options. There were suggestions of flowers at work, I was like no. I personally don't mind texting... a Stripper and I texted for months and months before I got to visit her. The difference being there we FB'ed a lot. I like FB because it functions both as chat or email. Doesn't really matter about time. Anytime is good with FB. Don't feel the same about texting. I wrote a series of journal-like posts about my adventure in ND on some forum and a really cute girl friended me on FB. I thought man another one of those requests, except she had some actually history in her profile. We wrote pages back and forth. Where I'm going with this is I don't like a handful of texts here and there to get to know someone with well over 1,000 miles of separation. Obviously easy for her to keep her privacy intact with her boothang by texting but it's definitely my weakest when getting to know someone.

I know she won't initiate, still kinda early so it's up to me. The stripper and I ... can't remember how long we texted before she was first. It was a bit. The best advice I got from one of my buddies from our old shop, which if I do anything (unless you guys have a better idea) it will probably be this, which is just being honest... something like: "Hey. I enjoyed the time we got to talk in Sturgis. Texting hasn't been quite the same, lol. My next off-duty cycle is coming in [some timeframe, thinking a week... longer?]. Would like to visit and say hi. Otherwise maybe catch you in Sturgis." And either go or be done. Not thinking I can wait too much longer before this option can't be used.... kinda be odd to get it three months down the road.

Other option was a resurrection text somewhere down the road. Found one a bit ago: "Hey *name* happy one year anniversary" Of course sent a bit early.

Then there's nothing....

Then there's... ????