Expose on My Pick Up (I say my cuz this is my strategy)

I say this because my life has been a disaster most my life and I live the hard way I guess. And to no surprise my life is very hard right now. So I have made the decision to rescind my Pick Up activity.

Right when I was hitting a stride I tripped! Quoting one of my video games with that phrase. This was my big year until that came to a halt and I got a DUI on July 4th. So you can imagine it put a damper on my travels and adventures. I was put on Probation for one year and it is making my life a living disaster. Anyway I am complying to stay out of trouble. Here is my expose.

Next year is shot. Already because of the whole year probation thing which puts me at the ass-end of Summer 2016. I dunno man. Maybe I was TOO crazy. Anyways my only focus next year is taking care of my friends, my car, my tatts, and my probation. May NOT have time for girls. Granted I am STILL running off old steam here so be it, I have several chicks in limbo ie hairstylist, ex-gf, etc. but I am not really trying anything with them.

That being said I want you guys to know my travels and adventures were cut short due to all this jazz. So due to that I am taking a break and going on leave. Not to avoid chicks merely focus a little on self-improvement where I am lacking and decide on certain things.

2016 X
2017 Maybe??
2018 Definitely

Depends but I may or may not re-enter the Pick Up World in 2017. It depends on how things are going but it may just be a laidback year (Daygame?). Either way I am focusing on my recovery and understanding that now Hotels, Cabs, and Valid Transportation is REQUIRED for drinking events and seeing how I can blow $400 in a single weekend I am sitting here I could do this at least twice a month to stay happy we are talking $800 plus Day 2's like $1,000 but only Summer months since now I cannot drive and drink again. I have made the decision to fully comply with the driving laws and this puts a damper on things because the hotel rates are skyrocketing to even Motel 6 now running about $75-100 a night has me going okay.....

And nightgame is generally where I am killing it the most but I have ALWAYS been drinking and driving because I live so far away to avoid hotels but I cannot do that anymore so I was thinking....

Houses are out the ass expensive but I think I will just put down about 2,000-3,000 grand savings in 2017 to buy a Mobile Home in 2018 and only pay $300 a month in rent and move to the City. $300 a month for rent on a Mobile Home opposed to $400 a weekend in Hotels and Cabs seems very sensible. I would be paying like that alone in Hotels so moving into the City would only cost me cab fares which would allow me to go out like every weekend if I wanted!! Living in the city for cheap is ideal since I will be out so frequently drinking, partying, and picking up chicks I think that is the best way to go for a young lad.

The thing that sucks well 2018 I will be 34 hitting up the Bars and Clubs which I guess is okay but will probably have to stop sub-40 age so it only leaves me about 6 years of full blown craziness but to make up for lost time I could definitely go out like every weekend!! I will learn so fast.

I didn't start Pick Up till I was 30 so it was not like I been sitting on it forever. I just didn't care about chicks till now. But I am on leave and will be back for sure 2018 with my Mobile Home God Willing and Pick Up ready by being fully tatted up and fully geared up with costumes for costume parties and after making my recovery it should be legit.

So I will make my goal to like always begin my adventures on St Paddy's Day Parade weekend 2018. Have a drink for me friends as I will be out of the game so I can make a full recovery, get tatted up, get my car fixed up real nice, get my pad for Phase 3.

I am still in Phase 2 and now that I have obtained my master title of Jack Sparrow pseudo identity, Pirate lingo, Astrology material, plenty of Pick Up books and fully owning picking up a 10. I think it will finally be time to unleash the Beast Mode once I hit the books and then I will hit the strip after I am full ready.

I have found myself just have to fully realize my goals and plans and don't need any woman holding me back right now. Need to fully realize this plan and make it happen once I do I will be back with my adventure stories and series of reports. My Inner Game is there. Now I am just challenging myself for the final stretch of Phase 2 which is fully making all my plans to life to make it to Phase 3 which is Pad related.

Once in Phase 3 I will be fully open to any good potential relationship that comes my way.

Time Invested
Fix up Car
Mobile Home

After doing that I can dive in fully into Pick Up and me living so far away prevents me going for the Day 2's due to so many miles and so many options. But with this final leg plan I will finally be able to take chicks home for the lay and possibly more. Granted I will go out much much more during the Summers from 2018-2024 (34-41 age when I retire)

I say 41 because I have seen plenty of 40 yr olds in Clubs and Bars so it is not uncommon. So at 34 I will have to learn and learn fast. And not just learn but do. Now I will still go out a tiny bit in 2016 and 2017 maybe only once a month though for a weekend to not go crazy. So I am not saying no Pick Up at all just a very very laidback approach and since I am a Summer guy

Once in July
Once in August
Once in Sept
and so on but you get the idea. Everything is being filtered into this plan so the Water Park season passes, the Pool Parties and crazy Day 2 adventures are just being put on hold till I figure stuff out. I know sounds crazy that a Pick Up Artist to become a Pick Up Artist must go find himself but that's just how the cookie crumbles. I cannot live with my Mom forever, got a plan and now time to stick to it. I can worry about a real house after I turn 42 when I retire my Pick Up Mantle since everything hinges on my youth this is why I am still planning on going out these next few years to keep my skills sharp.