First off I want to clarify this isn't just a random girl I'm trying to sleep with. This is about a girl who I really, really want to be with. Sorry if it's long.

I dated this girl. We started as drinking buddies who have good sex together. We dated each other, but not exclusively. I fucked other girls and she fucked other guys. we were both cool with that. We both grew closer to each other to the point where were exclusive and even thinking of moving in together.

Plot twist: she moves to another country across the world. Wants me to come with her but that won't work for my life. She's gone for a year. I visit her for a 2 week period and we have a blast together. More drugs, sex, and fun adventures than you could imagine. 1 year passes and we drifted apart. I'm starting new relationships here and she's making new relationships in other countries.

Time comes she finally comes back back. I'm excited, this is the girl I used to drink with and fuck 5 times a day. I am my usual cocky and flirty self. I joke around, move in for the ever smallest kiss, a sure fire move. But the unthinkable happened! It's never happened before, I mean I did everything right. SHE BACKED AWAY?!!

I was devastated. Of course I didn't show that. I just played it off with my normal cocky attitude. A few hours later we're splitting a six pack at my house. The conversation comes up, "I wanna talk about us". She said she wants to get her life sorted. Has a lot to deal with and wants to stay single. Oh and I quote, "and no fuck buddies either". I knew things between us were off ever since she backed away from that kiss but I didn't think things were this bad.

As a recovery I told her that back when we were dating, I used to really really like her. But a year is a long time. Feelings change. To be honest I thought you were going to ask to move in with me and be your boyfriend. I'm not ready for that". Something along those lines. We changed the subject and drank some more with some obvious flirting/touching. But nothing more than light Kino and a few sexual innuendos. The night ended with me hugging her goodbye and her driving into the distance.


Other than forgetting about this girl, what advice can you give me? How should I play this from here on out? I want to be with her, personally feel I'll be able to make her fall for me again with random hang outs. Has one planned already with a group of my friends. But wanted ya'lls advice as well. It's your time to shine.

Thanks you sexy beasts.