Long story short, I met this great girl a couple months ago through mutual friends. Number closed, k closed on 1st date, it staled out on date 2 and I got LBJF. I moved on, then like 3 weeks later she called me up late after a night out with our friends asking why I didn't chase her basically. F closed the next night and again a couple times after that. Talked on the phone a lot, looked like things were progressing very well.

Fast forward a little, we went out for another date, ended up back at her place, but she was being really quiet and didn't seem like she wanted to hook up, and after a little Netflix, she said she was gonna get to bed because she had to be up early and I left. Probably should have taken charge but it felt off. Basically haven't heard from her since. That was 3 weeks ago, I stopped texting her 2 weeks ago because she was being really flakey.

She told me a lot before she flaked she was really into me but had a bad breakup last year and that she's afraid to get hurt again. I know through our mutual friends she likes me, and she told them the sex was great so I'm wondering how to reinitiate after 2 weeks of no contact. I have been talking to other girls in between but I really want this one. Can it be salvaged or should I next her?