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    Default I have a real close friend that I like but is in a relationship. Now what?

    Okay, ive been real close with this girl for almost 2 years. I didnt even like this girl before we became co workers, and then we became really close. She's been on a on and off relationship for 2 years. Riht now, it's been really shakey with her relationship. We're really close and she thinks im one of her best guy friends(which is somewhat a bad thing coz that's like a ticket to friendzone). So im doing the best I can to not be her best friend and trying really hard to not just be the gay bestfriend type. During the time she's still with someone, i still date a couple of girls, but they just suck coz i keep comparing them to her.
    So my conclusion now is to actually make her feel or tell her that i like her. The thing is, I dont know when coz she's still on her shakey relationship. Im just so tired of telling her ,as a good friend should, that they should try to fix it. So how and when should I take action?

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    Default Re: I have a real close friend that I like but is in a relationship. Now wh

    You have put the girl above you! It is over before it starts. Hiding your feelings is what fags do. Maybe instead of being her therapist actually try to fuck her. Your situation is bad. You can't get her unless she secretly likes you which if she did she doesn't anymore because you had no balls to be a man with her.

    Advice: Cut her out and once you to are not friends anymore go for her. This will take time.


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