target: HB10 Enviornment: Facebook
Qualifications: "enchantress" fake rack, hot body, fake lips, veneers, educated.

She was nice, not an attention whore like most girls. Ignored most guys, never took photos with other guys. Sweet, unnoticed, and acted humble. Sometimes she said she would be single for life. Acted like a lesbian. Thought she was a lesbian then found out she was strait. Started acting thirsty. She was always such a sweetheart.

I engaged the target. She met all my pre-qualifications. Date went perfect.

The aftermath.

She turned into a whore. Attention whore. Flirts with every guy except me. Likes every comment but mine. Calls me Prince Charming then treats me like Prince Darkling. Her Mom gets involved says I am Mr. Perfect. Starts out well but then goes cold. Then puts me on blast saying everything I say is crap. Never saw this coming she even cusses on facebook when she talks about me. She put 3 ??? acting confused. She is never confused! Just sweet sweet sweet. Until me me me. She says I was always nice but not anymore. Now I will be a b!tch. I was like wtf. My game was perfect. She said I was being weird and I said well tough luck I am a badass. She has nothing to say because my game is on point.

So she writes a big a$$ rant talking about her troubles (again not like her) saying theres the door stop stomping on my heart. Everyone saying "yeah fvck him that
a$$hole" Meanwhile not know they are talking about me!

Then she says I suck at life and am actually a douchebag. I mean all I fvcking said was "HB10's Alpha." fvck me what a world of fvcking hurt. Guys come on there acting needy as fvck but the minute I get involved I am a big wack job wrecking her whole fvcking world.

So Cinderella turned into the White Witch but I don't understand WHY. I picked a good fvcking target. My best performance yet! Here I am the bad guy not knowing what the fvck I even did. I didn't screw up my inner game not one bit. It has been on point for once. No idea what to do now!

Pre-qualifications were done
Pre-screening done
Chemistry through the roof on the date
Passed compliance test and said I will see her again
Inner Game on point

And my target turns out to be the White Witch of Hades? Mocking, acting like a child, saying this the end of me liking any guy (but liking guys comments on there) just secretly hating me.

How can I pre-qualify now? How can I trust their sweetness? When they go awol how can I believe their lies? How can I live like this?
What's the point of compliance test? Being called Mr Perfect to be Mr Go Fack yourself. I mean I meant no harm and here comes the warrior princess prepared for the battle of five armies!! I mean no other guy! No other fvcking guy on her fvcking facebook gets it. But I get it. I fvcking understand how to get women. I picked this b!tch up and these losers who can't figure her the fvck out get on there fvcking acting beta as fvck and she says they are so fvcking cool and fun. I got her out. I did not fvcking them. Losers. 50 year old fvcks with no skills saying Marry me, beautiful a thousand fvcking times and her liking that bullish!taky saying NOTHING.

I get on there say I am an Alpha Male and she freaks the fvck out. Staying up all night creeping on my sh!t writing sh!t about my sh!t like a psycho ex-whore addicted but acting conflicted ignoring me in the process. I deserve better. I deserve fvcking better. I picked a good target! How can I ever know in the history of knowing a target is good if the Titanic of good is sunk as a bad girl? I mean we fvcking talked about spirituality and she turned fvcking bloodthirsty. But only to me. Nothing anyone else says is crap. Only what I say. Paranoid as fvck now.

How can I love someone who doesn't love me. I guess I will stop believing in such notions like love. I love the game. I love relationships. But I hate this. I guess it was a warm up. 2016.