Calling it, my New Karma Girlfriend just cuz it's Karma


Early year mindset

If you go back and read my posts I was talking about conquering the HB10 and going back down (7-10) no longer for my ego but because I noticed 10's were very shallow and suck at relationships! SO I decided I will still game 10's but mainly only for sex (because again they are super shallow)

And seeing as last year got cut short I was still focused on the 10's this year. So I had the best date ever (and thought for sure I was solid) but we shortly broke up afterwards for being a b!tch (no literally) anyway it was after her (the top tier) I could get really ANY chick (7-10) and so my Ego was validated and being to go high or low. So I decided because I like personality more I will look more for that relationship wise (and 10's for fvcking and pulls) which is actually a pretty good set up.

But if you go back to my history (oh man long way from here) I was a totally different man (dateless for a decade in my 20's) became a PUA in my 30's and (probably 15+ dates in 5 years, 6+ relationships, etc)

Let me jog your guy's memory!

I started on...
Year 1 getting blown out by HB7's
Year 2 getting dates with HB8's
Year 3 getting girlfriends (and good with HB9's)
Year 4 getting good with HB10's (and even better with 9's)
Year 5 mastering HB10's (and focusing on relationships/lays from HB7-10's)

So year 5 is now 2016 and seeing as the bare minimum is HB7+ (fvckable) I lowered my standards cuz I was getting so good I ignored HB7's and HB8's but only focused on HB9's and HB10's (who are surprisingly shallow and self-centered) so I decided anything goes for a relationship (HB7-10) that personality is more important but for (fvcking) mostly just HB9's and 10's.

So now that I gave you guys a refresher just for the record I never used to see myself as a player I used to ALWAYS ALWAYS focus on ONE CHICK ONE CHICK (due to Oneitis) but when I got into HB8 territory greater games began so I had to step it up (so I stopped getting oneitis) and used to be SO SO LOYAL now the way I see it is it is not cheating unless....

My only 3 exceptions
If I am Married
We are living together
She SAYS we are exclusive

So how do I roll?

When I get a broad locked down (main bitch) I still Sarge like I am single on Saturday nights for new (side pieces or snls) and keep a rotation going of about 4-5 girls.

Anyway this cycle has happened before. And I hated ya'll because you guys told me to break up with my ex-gf (in 2014) silly that I broke up with a broad because of what I read online but I was being pig-headed and you guys were right.

She was not good enough for me

Strangely enough my ex-gf who I broke up with in 2014 is with the same dude she cheated on me with and a bit like karma

My new Girlfriend in 2016 is my ex-gf's friend!!

I got my new gf on one date (my last ex-gf HB10 it went downhill afterwards but I tried like I said stuck up) well actually she took ME on a date.

She asked me out and we went to the bar two nights ago (shit got craaazy) but didn't get laid (I tried).

Partly because I know but partly because of Karma. She is definitely my gf!! Why? Nonstop texting me! Already asked me out a second time!! We are going out Monday (her idea) and all in all she is acting just like her friend did (my ex-gf) when we started dating which is basically playing no games and eating out of my hand basically.

But the coolest part to this story is that I said I said 2 months ago or so when (before or after) the HB10 THIS WAS THE YEAR of long term territory (I was hoping with my last EX) and I already see where this is going.

Anyway she is my main bitch now (the ex-gf's friend) of we made out groped each other, made me hold her hand all night. Was calling me kinky stuff all over me. Shit just hit the fan. She was kinda freaking out about my ex so I had to keep telling her why I broke it off. But she finally chilled when I started grabbing her tits and making out with her haha.

She was like "now you know what a bitch is like" telling me "will you go to a concert with me, are we hiking together, I want a man" just being super clingy.

She has been texting me all day, been acting like my best friend, and because she is super clingy I was officially non-needy. I was like "Chill, get some rest, and take it easy today." because she burnt me out two days ago with all the booty grinding and crap and of course what does she do? NOT TAKE IT EASY LOL.

After I sent her the chill relax text like human nature wanting what we can't have she was like

"Well I was thinking what are you doing the next few days?"
"Got it off"
"Great!" she says (of course leading to the asking me out again which I saw coming from a mile away)
"I was going hiking on Monday are you coming?" (she is my main bitch so of course I was down with going)

Anyway call it Karma but I just had to!! So here we are...
The beginning of a relationship awe. Remember I said THIS WAS THE YEAR of long term territory and already 2 bitches trying to lock me down already and not even Summer yet!

Also another problem! Me and fine ass chick at the Bar I made out with on St Paddys (from my FR) agreed to fuck on Monday eek!

So yeah that's right

2 bitches on Monday
My New Main Bitch asked me out Monday (I couldn't back out I know bitches don't fuck around)
My new Sexy friend from the Bar on St Paddys agreed to fuck on Monday

Fortunately the hiking is in the morning so I hope I'll have time to skip out and go fuck that chick!! Call it karma. Got my hands full. Rotating these 2 plus the Tinder chick. So 3 chick rotation right now. Now I could have had 4 but I cut the hairstylist out about a month ago. If I was awesome that 10 would have been in my rotation but my goal this Summer will be getting a HB10 in my rotation so that will be my main purpose of Sarging.

I used to feel bad you know like am I cheating but again my 3 rules of cheating are...

My only 3 exceptions
If I am Married
We are living together
She SAYS we are exclusive

Which are my 3 hardwired beliefs. Anyway I am pretty legit now don't really need to sarge for a while!!

My approaches are now 145

100 Year 1
20 Year 2
13 Year 3
5 Year 4
7 Year 5

The list as you notice is a steady decline because my conversion rate gets better and better as time goes by. Year 1 yeah I approached like a fiend and got 30 numbers but only converted to only 1 date. Now I get 1 phone number and almost always convert! My conversion rate is so good I am almost certain of that phone number leading somewhere.

Anyway wanted to celebrate my success!! Going to do a lot of approaches this year (at least 50 mostly trying for F-closes) so we'll see how that goes. That's with all the gf not knowing but like I said I ain't sure she is the one for me so I gotta keep searching for a new main bitch but because she is super crushing hard I am just catering to her for a little bit to get some much needed intimacy. I need to get my relationship skills up so she is going to be my main bitch for a while.

If anything I will do what my Tattoo Artist does!! "Oh this is happening!!" speaking of fucking some chick while in a relationship lol

Funny how all those guys and girls at the bar. But like human nature we want what we can't have. Plenty of chicks I would have hit on there but of course dudes try to steal my girl. Like srs. Plus chicks blowing me kisses and hitting on me while I was with her what the hell. Then at the bar hot chicks were creeping bad when they saw me and my girl petting each other (We have such an amazing connection maybe that's what they were jealous of?). Makes sense about the chicks because they see a guy with women around him as more attractive. And the dudes don't surprise me because they have stolen or tried to steal my chicks before.

I do most things as instinctual, habit, intution, training, or improv. Looks cool how I pull off all these techniques so effortlessly and STILL needing to find a challenge. I remember when texting 1 girl was taxing lol. Now I can handle texting 3 with ease.

In fact finding a challenge like I said will be snls, pulls, hb10's in my rotation, keeping a main bitch, etc.

Guys used to criticize me on here..

You've only had 100 approaches man!!!
Fuck that

Who the hell cares I told myself so I approached LESS AS THE NUMBERS DICTATE it was like a challenge to me. You can't challenge the jack master.

So I approached less and converted more WHILE upgrading my skills and my sets with hotter girls 9+, 10+.

Not only did I start making the practice of approaching less to go against the grain and say the hell with quantity and yes to quality I was the one who started getting approached!! In the last 3 years I have Opened 40 times on 24 approaches. How is this possible? I got approached 16 times and I only approached 24 times. Now granted year 1 was 100 approaches but all me. So there you have it you tell me to do something like (like get more approaches) and I will do the opposite but in a good way.

Capn Jack