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    Default When she fucks up.

    -Girl, asked me to be her partner for competition
    -She Seemed pretty cool, she asked me to the park
    -I started talking about 420 to a friend there, since she was really against it and didn't know we all toked she got fed up
    -She apologized at the end of the night

    How should I act the next day?

    Recently at my HS we are having a pingpong competition,
    some girl I knew from earlier this year asked me if I could be her partner,
    I accepted thinking I would have a fun time because she seemed pretty cool.
    She got really into the whole competition,
    bought me a paddel and would approach me periodically during the day and ask if
    I could practice with her in the gym. Upon practicing with her more and more,
    we had a great bond, we would get really hyped up and laugh and hug and joke around
    and victories would be awesome! So then she called me twice
    and asked if I would hang out with her
    and go to the park with her and this other kid (a good friend of mine) and so I also brought a friend.
    When I got there I started talking about 420, and apperently she started getting really fed up
    since she thought we all stopped smoking. Partially because my bitch of a friend told her that he doesn't smoke
    (because he liked her and had to agree with everything she
    and I didn't know he said that for whatever reason, so I would talk about how he always asked me to hit him up and shit.
    She started having a bad time, but that didn't ruin my fun I was still having a great time, while practicing
    "game" the whole time and lots of Kino.
    I later left and when she dropped me off she apologized and I told her not to hit me up if she is just
    going to be in a bad mood.
    I then just hit up these other girls and just hung out with them that night

    My question is: For the next day I see her at school,
    should I just talk to her with less enthusiasm as if I lost interest
    and flirt with other girls on different teams
    or should I act the same as I usually do and as if she wasn't being a bitch that night while still
    adding value to the group and trying to push that we would both enjoy our practice time (as we are still
    signed up for the competition and have multiple classes together).
    [I feel like this girl has a lot of potential just is very close minded about smoking, I want to give her
    one more chance]

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    Default Re: When she fucks up.

    Say this: If who I am is a problem to you then you need to find new friends. I like you but I won't tollerate your reaction to my life style. I love my life. If it is going to be a problem in the future for you. Then do not be obliged to continue this. If you can accept this then you will have a great guy like me in your life. Upto you. Either way I'm good.

    if she wants to continue, give her a hug and say great and everything goes back to normal.

    if not..,. NEXT!
    Men, we need to value our time more then we value women. This isn't to say women are not valuable. But who are we to believe in something so illogical, as men we should realize that without our time(life), we would not even be able to pursue women, but only our mother who gave us life. Why do we think we should prioritize them over our time(life) unless she is the one who gives me/my children life. Man is Sovereignty.


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