Here is a tiny update gotta run but I'll give you the gist. Will come write out the full story soon when I have time. Been a very long and sucessful day!!

Had to balanced the choas of work and being blown up by my new Mistress from Instagram.

ahem ��

Rocked it out like a boss on cloud 9.

Here's the morsel for the evening.

Found her on Tinder (due to my frustration of my current woman x-zoning me)
Got on Tinder mad at my woman I mean sold a lie type fuming not in the mood for bs
Find hottie on Tinder
She she has IG (Instagram) account linked, follow her on IG but...
Hit up 1 message (low balling) thinking nothing of it! But....
She likes 4 of my photos next day...
So I look and go okay this is new it's on like Donkey Kong
Write out a few things to Pre-California Chick (she said she was moving) I said in Push-Pull...
Follow your heart to I'm moving to Cali post
And another photo that I qoute "wanted to hit it x10) short and sweet.

Then what happens next oh my!!

She inboxes me. Shhhhhh!t
Let my twitterpatter run wild (My Woman obvious awol)
She hits me up super thick calling me all kinds of hot and spicy.

So I'm like oh boy! I tell her. I'm too lucky! It's on for days. We kept at it. I keep playing the prize. Didn't ask her out and didn't ask for her number.

Here's the kicker.

She asks me out
She gave me her number

No not catfish, been catfishes 100 times. She is legit.

Anywho. She wants to go out for drinks next weekend and get hammered with me next weekend. End of story. The end.

Now here is the other kicker. She wants me. She wants me like wants me. She said she wants me so so bad it is like a burning kind of desire that doesn't go away.

It was half of my sick of the bs and half of my anger towards the awol-ed GF that I flipped and totally went 100% All in my very first time!!!

anyway this is a very very long story will be back with part two to share the details about it but basically she knows and senses and feels that I want the sex but she says that it is only fair for her she play for keeps. She is looking for the right one says we are not having just drinks. She sees me as far far more. She says she thinks the right one will like everything about me. But she says she understands me! She gets me! She says the right one will like everything about me. She says we are going out next weekend. But she said it is not just a date or hookup it is "us"! Now!

But yeah we connected like no other. Me boasting like a world class charmer but I was really laying it on super thick in banter and Fluff but the crazy thing was she knew so much about me. Like understood so much about me I barely told her a thing. She sensed it and was like you are a heartbreaker and you get bored quick! I was like every single girl yeah! She was like I'm a Libra but don't Google us baby, I was like you know I am going to. Dayum she was blowing me up all day today. This all happened within 3-4 freaking days! Met her on IG on Monday and got her number it's Friday. Next weekend she wants to go out with me. Loves my tattoos. Loves my name. Just keeps wooing me to no end.