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    Default Met This Insanely Attractive Girl on the Bus, What To Do Next?

    Met this very attractive Spanish girl on the bus yesterday. Words can't describe how attractive she was so I'll just say that saying she's a 10 would be selling herself short. I wasn't prepared for this interaction at all. I haven't picked up a single girl in months as I've been content being single dealing with life. You should've seen me. My hair was all over the place like Bradley Cooper in the opening scenes of Limitless with a notepad in my hand and a pencil. But I was like, "I've done this countless times looking far worse and gotten dates. What have I got to lose?" I couldn't grab her attention so I tapped her on her shoulder as she was sitting in front of me. "Excuse me, I just had to say, you're absolutely gorgeous!" She couldn't stop smiling at me and said, "thanks". So we introduced ourselves to one another and she took out her earphones just to talk to me. I mention to her how I want to be a writer and she stares stares at my notebook and she's like, "you've written any movies?" And I was like, "l'm currently working on a script." Not only did I get this girl's number, she turned back to see me get off the bus. And of course, I had my little bounce walk lol.

    Now it comes to what to do next. During this convo, she said a couple of things. One, that she's not oppose to making new friends and that two, she's not into social media and that how people are always shocked to hear that which I don't blame her as she's drop dead gorgeous. I got some advice from a friend to take it slow but one thing that's resonated with me is to introduce yourself in the opening text and when she responds to ask her out in the 2nd text. I feel like if I do either, the 1st scenerio she'll lose interest just like other girls have (I once picked up a lesbian that lost interest after I didn't ask her out to anywhere) or the 2nd scenario, she'll be scared and not respond. She's just a chill girl that I'm guessing has a tight nit unit (she works for her mom). I want to make her my girlfriend. What should I do?

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    Default Re: Met This Insanely Attractive Girl on the Bus, What To Do Next?

    ??? Too much thinking. Too much neediness. Ask her out. You ALREADY met in real life. Do it again.

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