A new girl joined our office. She sits couple of cubicles behind me. Whenever I have to leave my cubicle I pass her on my way out and catch a glimpse of her. She is pretty cute with freckles.

She is extremely shy. She hardly talks with anybody. I stalked her Facebook and found 109 friends and most of them were girls. She wears minimum to no makeup. I think having freckles has affected her self esteem. But she looks so cute with them. I had a huge crush on Lindsay Lohan as a kid so I have always found freckles very sexy.

She works in a very different job profile then me. I don't need to interact with her for work. However once I made some excuse saying I need information about something and she looked at me like I am an alien. I could feel she was shaking while talking with me. Definitely made her very uncomfortable so I didn't approach her again. Its been a month or so and I have never seen her taking a personal call from anyone apart from her mom. I have never seen her interacting with anyone other than her immediate boss who sits a floor above.

Once we all ordered a pizza and someone asked her and she just shook her head. The whole floor was on one side eating pizza and she was sitting alone and eating her lunch. 3 different people invited her to join and she refused. She definitely doesn't have an ego.

I am really confused what to do. No one knows anything about her. We all interact with each other but she always stays out of conversation. Initially people tried to indulge her but she doesn't speak a word so people also stopped bothering.