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    Default How to close model that likes me?

    Alright y'all, here's an interesting problem I'm hoping y'all can help me out with.

    I'm a mid-level pua, still learning the moves but compensating with some natural gifts (I have an exceptionally deep voice, esp. If I talk slowly). I'm a freshman in college after a couple years of working to afford it, and to my delight in my biology class I was immediately placed next to a beautiful, HB-9 Russian amateur model, 5'10 of blonde beauty. We got on great the first day, number closed, but since the class has ramped up and we've talked a bit less. Moreover, after realizing she doesn't text much, I stop trying that method, but didn't make any major mistakes.

    However, the kicker is that the modus operandi for anyone who likes to party at my school is to go to the downtown area, barely a 20 minute walk from campus, and party in loud and crowded bars. I continually run into her there, and every time, she tries to call me over or come over to me, but I am either fucked up or in something with another girl or most often we just pass each other- I'm coming in as she's leaving or vice versa.

    I've invited her to come get food with my crew multiple times, or hit a particular bar, but she's always with her friends recently, who keep her moving, even most recently when she came up to me on the way out and put her hands all over me. Lastly, I've been busy and skipping the biology class, so I've only seen her downtown as of late.

    I'm certainly not above just leaving her alone, I'm past attachment to any single girls, but I'd hate to leave an opportunity dropped in my lap like this alone. Her attraction to me seems evident, but she's been attracted to me as I refuse to chase, but what's the next step? We are friends, for sure, and I've repeatedly compliance tested her, but I can't corner her into leaving her friends or coming on an actual date short of telling her it's a date.

    Do I actually make a hard go at her when she's downtown, or use our rapport in class? I could freeze her and entice her to chase even more, esp. after the most recent incident where she was all over me, but it's been more than a month already since I met her. I've got two cards up my sleeve- I can hit on her totally cute roommate she's always with, and I know a guy who went to high school with her, but that's about it. What's the move?

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    Default Re: How to close model that likes me?

    Yea, you can go with her cute roommate but are you sure that will work?

    Listen, the thing is that the fact you are posting a forum post about her is showing us you care too much for her. It's hard to get HB9 if you overthink your actions. She wants some guy that don't think about her, a guy that is fucking 3 other girls.

    Now this all depends. Should you go direct on her or play that silly little game from time to time? You only know the answer. I can only tell you this. If this situation is exhausting and draining your energy for other stuff, then go hard and try to escalate. But, if you enjoy this long term game(which I doubt) then yea, wait for better chance.

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