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Thread: Girl that we used to date but probably now has a bf

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    Default Girl that we used to date but probably now has a bf

    Hey guys!

    my background:

    So I am one of the n00bs that didn't develop a normal social life earlier on - because of health problems - I only had one girlfriend so far and it was a very long relationship where everything was initiated by my ex.

    her background:

    Pretty, a 9+. Easy life, lots of guy friends, actually I don't think she has any real girl friends. Very close to her sister, very healthy, very active and outgoing, a little spoilt, complains a lot, chats all day, definitely used to be a party girl. Also, amaaaazing!


    Long story short, I had a good friend who was dating this girl years ago in college, then cheated on her a million times and dumped her, broke her heart, kept her around gaming her while dating other girls, etc.

    I met her couple months ago by chance, we started chatting, fb, etc. Went out on a date one, two, ten, etc. Anyway, at some point on 3rd date I tried to kiss her. She went sideways. I thought ok... 4th date the same. She told me no, she doesn't want any relationships right now etc.

    We kept going out tho. 3 months passed. I tried to kiss her several more times every few weeks. In the end I gave up, I was just acting like a friend and told her that if I wanna kiss her, I'll ask. She was acting weird, etc. I don't really know what was happening, it was really mixed. But we really had a great time together. I don't think I have ever had a better time with anyone. Our personalities and interests just match ...

    2 weeks ago, I was at her place. We were watching tv and talking casually. She had some pain so I was massaging her, close to her pussy and she let me ... anyway then she was kinda hypnotized or I don't know and we almost kissed ... ugh ... then she went up opened the door and told me to leave immediately... and I left

    Then she stopped talking to me pretty much ... or we talked just a little but she stopped out of the blue and it really wasn't like always. And we arranged to go out 3 times or so but then she canceled the first of them and the other times she forgot ...

    After 2 weeks, she posts up on Fb a pic where she's in the arms of another guy next to another friendly couple ...


    Well, I want her. But she's not really open to me anymore. She might reply or she might not. She asks what I do. She doesn't really tell me anything about her etc.

    What should I do?

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    Default Re: Girl that we used to date but probably now has a bf

    Leave internet and go party.......
    And headline here "we" didnt used to date her, thats your fault, you wasnt enought man,
    Pickup is not what should i do, pickup is learning how to take action according to situation.

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