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    Default How should I play this now? (Long term friend)

    Hey guys I'm new here but signed up because I really need some help understanding her.

    I met this girl last year in August through a mutual friend and we hit it off but because she was a fair bit younger then me I decided I didn't want to pursue her romantically and we just became really good friends. We met up almost every day and had a good time together.

    Around November of last year, I realised despite the age gap I couldn't help that I really liked her, but again didn't pursue it for fear of ruining the friendship, but one night we went out had fun and we hooked up...

    Subsequently I proceeded to tell her my feelings and naturally it's gone a bit wrong from there. But we once again became close friends until September this year when I decided I couldn't be friends with her and then cut ties...

    Fast forward to a few days ago, she messages me out of the blue and ask me if I wanted to meet up for a few drinks... I did and we had a great night nothing happened but chatted and danced and just generally had an awesome time... I did know she has a boyfriend and that was always in the back of my mind so I didn't want to pursue anything that night...

    Next evening, after we've been messaging each other again she sends me anot her text, she says she had a good night but she doesn't want to go out for a night out again because she has a boyfriend and to some up she wouldn't like if he went out for drinks with another girl...

    Now I'm probably totally wrong knowing my luck with her over the last year and a half, but to me that sounds like she wanted to do more the previous night, but because I didn't initiate she didn't... it also sounds like she is interested but is now conflicted...

    All I know is I still really care about her and whilst I've met many other women since her she's still the one I want...

    so I've decided to pursue her again, I really just need to know the best way to succeed. I've responded to the text teasing her saying I wouldn't trust me with me either and said I understand (in hindsight probably the wrong thing to say...).

    I also said it's great that she's found someone who fulfills her and said he must be pretty perfect (trying a BF destroyer).

    She hasn't responded and I'm thinking that I should invite her out on a non threatening out like a coffee or asking her to come help me pick out some clothes...?

    I want to add in the past year I've donever everything about as wrong as possible...

    - buying her loads of gifts lowering my worth
    - always being available
    - texting first
    - organising meets

    To name a few...

    Any advice on her Mindset or how to proceed would be much appreciated.

    Thanks for reading this large post.

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    Default Re: How should I play this now? (Long term friend)

    Ill just copy my text from another post I just replied:

    Im against going for girls with boyfriend. Imagine she leaves her BF and you both go on a relationship. It wont have consistency, she will probably do the same to you (the odds of this being false arent in ur favour). Also, prepare to have problems with her currently BF.

    Not worth it at all, also bros before hoes.

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