Ok I've been doing Direct Game for about 4 years but recently joined Tinder as I heard interesting stories about it. And guess what I spoke to a girl for a week and then went on a date. She held my hand on the first date only. Second hand we saw a musical and during that she was holding my arm and exchanging kisses! Long story short we had sex that might. While she is with me she is all over me.

Unfortunately when she is not with me she replies to my texts (on WhatsApp) with a short line. Especially after that sexy night I'm afraid she might have got remorse or something.

She once also told me that she needed lots of self time.

Now, how can I get to see her more often without making her think I'm taking too much of her time, or that I'm needy etc?

She is so nice and her sex was impeccable therefore naturally I want to see her more often (than once a week). But also I like this girl and I feel I have to play the best game to make her mine.

Any advice please ?