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    Default Don't settle for just any girl

    I found this article and thought I would share it:

    Become Irresistible to the Woman of Your Dreams

    First, don’t settle for a girl just because “she’s there” or she the “best you can do.” That’s a horrible reason to make someone your girlfriend. It doesn’t do her justice and it doesn’t do you justice. If you’re looking for a long term relationship, you need to be a man and let the girl go as soon as you realize that she’s not the kind of girl you want as a girlfriend.

    If you need to, you might have to do some work on yourself so that you can attract the kind of girl you want. If you like artsy, avant-guard girls and all you do is sit on the couch watching football and playing XBox, you might have a problem.

    Sit down and do two things. First make a list of five things that you absolutely must have in your future girlfriend. These things could be anything. Maybe they’re “emotional availability,” “artistic personality,” “sense of adventure,” or even “big boobs.” What’s most important is that you’re honest. Then with the same honesty, write down five things that you absolutely won’t tolerate in a woman. Maybe things like “too clingy,” “infidelity,” “militant feminist,” or “always insists that she’s right.” Use these two lists as a sort of compass as to whether or not you should keep seeing a girl. If you start to realize that she has a few must have qualities, then keep seeing her. She might just be your next girlfriend. On the other hand, if she has any must avoid qualities, stop wasting your time with her immediately. This is probably one of the most valuable tips on how to get a girlfriend worth keeping that I can recommend.

    Next, you probably have some kind of idea in your head about what your perfect girl is like. This may seem strange, but try to imagine things from her perspective. What kind of man would she be attracted to? What qualities does he have? Then what qualities do you have? If you want a supermodel girlfriend and a you’re a fat slob that sits on the couch all day smoking weed, then there’s a bit of a disconnect. You should never pretend to be someone that you’re not to get a girlfriend, but you might have some work to do on yourself. You might need to get past some personal issues to better your life if you want to attract the kind of girl that you really want.

    Once you have a girl worthy of becoming your girlfriend, take things to a more serious level. Look, anyone can get a girlfriend. These tips on how to get a girlfriend will make sure that you have a girlfriend that you can actually stand to spend time with… a girlfriend that you are actually excited to start a relationship with.


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    SomeBoodee Guest

    Default Re: Don't settle for just any girl

    Real talk.

    Highly approve. Some people tend to forget reality and want to be miserable all their life...

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