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Thread: HELP!

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    Default HELP!

    Hi guys, whats up. I could use some help here.

    There is one girl, really special one. We know ourselves for more than one year, and we like ourselves very much. When I met her I didn't want to be with her cause she was taller than me. And now we are at same high, so I'm very interusted.

    So, I got her number asked her out, and she sad that she will decide about it, cause she ain't got used to dating guys(that's good, same situation at me). And than she told me like this: "Where would you like to go, can we go out in 4?". And I was like ok, I'll bring my friend you bring your.
    I was really happy about it, looking forward to it, until she fond out that her friend can't go.
    I told her like: "So, what now". And she said to me: "weeeeell, I don't feel like going without her." So it's not about that she doesn't like me, it's that that she ain't got used to dating.

    I will see her in one month in school, and I will tell my friend(who knows us both) to meet us. And that should work. But the problem is that I have no expirience at all! I don't know what should I tell her, I don't know how to start conversation, when should I know I shoul kiss her???????

    Gusy if you help me you're doing a huge favour. I never liked somebody so much, she is soooo beautiful.

    Is there anything I shoul do or practice in this month before I see her?


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    Default Re: HELP!

    ok so first you need to get over your nervoousness and also putting her on a pedestal. she likes you and you like her, you guys are equals and she be thinking about it that way. then also learn not to be so nervous. she is just a cute girl, nothing to worry about.

    ok next thing is how to have a very fun conversation that will build comfort, rapport, and dhv. usually what is good to do this is telling stories. look up on youtube dhv stories so you can get examples of how to properly tell a dhv story. the comfort and rapport will come naturally as you guys talk and you guys have stuff and common and all those other little things.

    after that you need to know to keno. you need to have moments when you physically touching her to build attraction. that will also help build comfort so when it comes time to kiss she isnt freaking out. so just by playing silly games or running routines that allow you to touch her, high five her or do anything like that is good.
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