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    Stot King Guest

    Default Help Need On This One

    aight i'm new to this site and i'm 15 years old
    i'm trying to learn the ways of a PUA..

    there's this cute and beautiful girl in school..
    and i don't know how to approach and talk to her..
    how am i gonna ask her out with me and ask her to be my girlfriend...

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    Default Re: Help Need On This One

    sounds like your still not over it...

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    JuanPablo75 Guest

    Default Re: Help Need On This One

    lost cause?? no, therapy ?? for sure, c'mon man, most of us has been rough times whit girls, som more some less hursh, move on, htey hurt u? they didn't apretiate who you are? is THEIR lost, move on, there are plenty of girls who worth it and just are waiting for you, if u use the proper tactics man, cheers up!,

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    johnnywalker Guest

    Default Re: Help Need On This One

    one foot in front of the other. when you have walked up to her say: Hi, I'm [your name].

    Then talk to her.

    Do not tell her that you like her. tease her and be fun.

    first things last---forget about being nervous.

    You're 15. Worry about being a pua later.

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    Capps Guest

    Default Re: Help Need On This One

    Yeah man honestly, highschool is easy money, get a bunch of her friends to hang wit a bunch of ur friends n drink somewhere or do somethin fun. just be high energy and dont follow her like a puppy all night n ull b in. Bein the cool kid in ur group will def win her over. Hopefully ur buddies will understand the meaning of why ur settin this up n b cool wingin ya.
    All else fails, get her drunk n fool around wit her, then u got somethin to talk about lol


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